Was there insider trading on Coin base? Why did Bitcoin Cash get listed so quickly after they initially said Jan 1, 2018? Irresponsible and Stupid? Maybe. Bad Marketing for sure. Song:…

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  1. Nah no insider trading, just trading! Yeah it's like this when the fork happened no one including coinbase was sure that the fork would create a network of its own that could sustain itself and survive… As time has gone on though and bitcoin cash is still around, it has shown that yes I guess there is enough people in support of it and supporting their now separate network, so it's proven itself that it's something worth trading! Then they've been working on the back end and building it into the system like they did with litecoin and ether a long time ago, and after some testing to make sure it's all working good they flipped the switch and made it live! Just like any site it's a evolving thing so I don't see it as any surprise, well it may have been a surprise to people not expecting it, but its just an update to the site, another crypto option! Not a big deal, but the fact that coinbase is dealing with it will naturally encourage more people to use it also!

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