Coinbase Doubles Employees to 500 – Robinhood IPO – China Crypto Trading – Ripple xRapid Job

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  1. Why do poor people call shorting and large buys by whales an act of manipulation? Why do people care what is said in mainstream news? It's complete insanity. All the great news never positively affects price, and everytime prices tank, some arbitrary low volume exchange getting hacked or some wall street big shot saying something negative happens. But the article comes out AFTER THE FACT. I have to say it's entertaining at least, to see all the millenial basement dwelling moonboys losing their shit about XRP on Twitter. I tried warning all these hodlers about how shitty it is during my bored lunchbreaks at work. Now that the price is doing what I said, all the same people who were talking shit about how great the centralized pre-mined banker token shilled by liberals was, are now dumping at huge losses. Please respond honestly how much you've lost

  2. If you can't withdraw cryptos from Robinhood, that means they don't have any cryptos, which means it is a scam. they are basically selling numbers and there is no supply and demand involved. They don't even have a volume chart on Robinhood. Translated "SCAM" The stock market could pour 500 trillion dollars into bitcoin on Robinhood and the price wouldn't move one penny unless they wanted it to. All they have to do is put 500 trillion dollars worth of fake numbers at the same price for sale. The whole purpose of putting cryptos on Robinhood is to get any new stock money that is interested in cryptos to throw there money into a black hole. That is why there is no trading fees. Why would any non educated stock investor want to pay fees to buy or trade on an exchange when they can use Robinhood with zero fees?

  3. Just because Coinbase is employing more people does NOT mean there is a bullrun coming. Coinbase is expanding into many other areas of crypto and other financial opportunities. Coinbase are setting themselves up for the next few years and its not just for the retail investor to buy and sell coins. They have bigger plans. If Apple employs more people does that mean they are making a new iPhone? Certainly not. Coinbase is not a one trick pony.

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  5. Hi tony! you talked about buying stocks from RobinHood. Where do you usually buy your stocks? What platform do you use for that. I have Etoro but i'm a bit sceptical about it (fyi i don't use Etoro for crypto)

  6. I was a subscriber for over 6 months now , I know you’re an xrp fanatic and I do hold xrp , however you’re naive sometimes , also you r videos are becoming boring and lame and hey no offense here this is my honest opinion.
    It seems you say the same thing every time , remember guys , listen guys and so on so forth , just saying . You can be a little creative and twist things around if you want more subs . Thanks

  7. I work at moneygram philippines and surprisingly, our branch was one of the chosen few to test xrapid yesterday and guys, it was a success. The head even told me that moneygram is just weeks away from starting to actually add xrapid in their business operation.

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