CNBC Exclusive: CZ -The most powerful man in Crypto!

After many requests to post the full/uncut version of my interview with CZ , the CEO of Binance and probably the most powerful man in Crypto today. I met him in …


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  2. Binance took off when they were the only exchange to work closely with NEO (give you gas and no transaction fee for NEO). And their good software platform make everyone stay.

  3. My friend lost $3,000 worth of coins, on binance, they just disappeared. He submitted a ticket and they told him they would call him. Its been a week and nothing. I took all my assets out of binance and would not recommend having your coins in binance just do to the fact that they have horrible customer support

  4. Debate proposal: Is cryptocurrency , currency or an asset? My argument is that it could not possibly be currency because of facts stated below .

    Currency or money was created to monetize useful labor. Useful labor creates resources/assets such as equipment, gold, buildings etc. Currency, we could safely say monetizes labor, and later down the road, resources . Currencies are backed by resources or the promise to repay. When gold backed currency is exchanged back to gold, it expires. It cancels each other out and so does fiat currency also expire, when the promise to repay was kept and repaid.
    In other words Bitcoin and other so called crypto currencies are not currencies, because they don`t intend to expire. Bearing this in mind, it is clearly an asset/commodity. Only problem is, it is an asset of a complicated pointless Q & A, that is in my opinion is only useful to represent something else. In essence it does not do that – It only represents what someone else thinks it is worth and I don`t think a pointless complicated Q & A is worth anything. The price is created by hype and FOMO (fear off missing out). The value is still where it is today because of HODL, keeping the supply low and the demand still relatively high. The demand is still relatively high because so many are still fearing to miss out.
    As soon as people realize this, the price will collapse.
    I am busy developing software that does the same job as block-chain, but just less complicated and more energy efficient. Block-chain was a great Idea, but it is too energy hungry and complicated to enable mass adoption, because of its cost and wastefulness. I am replacing proof of work with proof of origin. Tokens do not circulate – they are transferred by division.

    What will happen if I am proved right? I challenge anybody to prove me wrong! Blockchain was a good idea but the method it is already outdated. Crypto tokens are assets or in other words commodities. The only problem is, what type of asset? A pointless Q & A ? What is the value of that?

  5. So basically he wants to have zero responsibility about listing "known to be shit" coins like MFT so his company can rack in trading fees and make money but selling them at 5x+ thier price only to see it get dumped.
    What is that process callled?

  6. I love binance. I will never use a DEX. I feel they are the most honest and have the highest Integrity in the crypto space. I feel my funds are safer with binance than in a wallet that I soley have the keys to. If something happens to my funds I want to be able to talk to a real customer service individual and at binance I have that

  7. This is a great interview, concise and well covered. We can see what's going on in CZ's mind. Till I watched this video, I had thought Binance was just another exchange, which happened to deal with many coins than Coinbase. This is what I like about Crypto world as it has enabled young entrepreneurs to achieve his or her passion beyond just making money not like those institutional funds management companies for which the money making the sole goal. Go for it CZ. Make the world better with Cryoto freedom and with you passion.

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