Cloud Mining – Day 121 – Sale again on HF? Mayweather endorsed fraud ICO, 670 million in fraud/scam

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  1. for 100 ths you got today (3.4.2018) 0.0013 btc payout. to reach the withdraw limit 0.03 it would take a time of 23 days. if u have 10 th/s you need 230 days. and if you have only 1 th/s, you need 2300 days to reach the withdraw limit ( more then six years!!). and another interesting fact is: for every dollar what u put in, you get the half back!! if bitcoin difficulty and price is the same like today. but difficulty rises every month, and the bitcoin price???? what do u think??

  2. i started mining on hash flare 14 th january 2018 with 133 th/ is an an payout history: 14.01: 0.01425 btc 14.02: 0.0067 btc ( 50 % drop from to beginning income) 14.03: 0.004 btc ( 70 % drop from the beginning income) 05.04: 0.0017 btc ( 85 % drop from the beginning income)
    purchased 133 th/s for 30000$$$! (1.7btc on 14.01.2018) i got back in 80 days 0.38 btc!!! when im lucky i got back 0.6 btc back when my contract end in 260 days!! the income is going every, and every day!! loss :at least 65%!!!!!! its your choice to purchase hash flare contracts. good luck

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