“Climate Change Is Making Hurricanes Way More Intense” – Based On Zero Scientific Evidence

According to the lamestream media as well as our fraudulent friend Al Gore, “Climate Change” is making hurricanes more intense… Unfortunately, this could not …


  1. Of course, just like up here where Justin Traitor, I mean Castro…that is a Trudeau is blaming the tornado in Ottawa on "climate change". Too bad the tornado didn't scoop him up along with Al Gore, Theresa May, Emanuel Macron, Andrea Merkel, and Sadiq Khan mayor of London. Oh yeah and lets not forget Hillory Clinton, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CBC and BBC !!

  2. It's hypocritical that alarmists, including Gore and MSM, telling us any weather extreme is caused by man made climate change but profess to know the difference between weather and climate.
    Thanks for update, good sir.

  3. I remember earlier in the year noaa said that there was going to be an above normal hurricane season and the reporter thought that ment a worse then last year hurricane season which was idiotic

  4. I read that HAMMER high altitude meteorological manipulation of energy may have been used to downgrade cat5 to tropical storm. Funny thing, the emergency response drills with military helicopters rescuing volunteers from rooftops freaked out the neighborhood but were done PRECISELY in the right area before the storm hit land

  5. Power hungry people the likes of Al Gore are a threat to humanity's livelihood. Diamond, you are right, anybody can come to the truth of this matter if they put some effort into finding it. Carry on.

  6. Funny how alarmists will use satellite date to show that SLR is increasing at an alarming rate, but completely ignore the satellite data that shows there has been no statistically significant warming for 20 years.

  7. Al Gore is a hypocritical liar for profit. Even his mentor admitted that the science they were basing "global warming" on was seriously flawed. But the lying piece of shit went public with the lies anyway!

  8. We live in perilous times… a perilous world….Al Gore was almost elected president….you gotta admit Al is making a bundle off his scam. It was just serendipity that Al got into Harvard and happened to enroll in a course taught by the guy who wrote the original paper about the possibility of man made climate warming….and he later wrote a letter to Congress urging that no drastic moves be made until further study was done. Al at that time accused his mentor o becoming senile.

  9. Hurricanes used to average 3 a year, what's is this fool talking about we have been in a hurricane drought for years.. Wikipedia has the whole history of US hurricanes . And journals from Spanish explores in the 1600's write about monster hurricanes. This was a Cat 1 hurricane, that is the smallest they come. It was basically a huge tropical storm that had massive flooding. There were 51 Cat 3, 4 or 5 since 1900 IN FLORIDA ALONE. And another 66 in the other southern states. These are 3 and above. That's over a hundred powerful hurricanes. Cat 1 and 2 barely count.

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