1. Since Populous was in ICO like hundreds of other ICO's on the ETH blockchain they are highly likely to be smashed by the SEC as illegal ICO's…I like NEO better because they did everyting right and are following regulations…NEO was a steal at prices today..can't believe LTC and NEO got to these prices…what a gift

  2. I used to listen to Clif High regularly but the more I did, the more I understood his linguistic programming, agenda and motive. Now I know, he is a nothing but a charlatan and self promoted business guru. I don't see any of his reports worth any money because if you do just a bit of digging and your own research, I am sure you can come up with similar predictions at a similar rate of accuracy. I have caught Clif talking $#%t out of his ass with no realistic data to support his subject matter. He is way off in topics such as nutrition, the space program, death and historical past events. It's laughble to hear him talk about past lives, when he doesn't believe in past life regression. He is quick to judge and make fun at those in the flat earth movement. But he is willing to swallow the bs that comes from NASA. ( As a side note, I don't believe the earth is flat nor a round spinning planet) There is nothing wrong by saying, " I just don't know". He is always correcting people, yet he doesn't stand anyone correcting his findings. Egotistic in many ways!! I also find it hard to believe, the webbots could not predict bitcoin going to 20k and then crushing. However, he was able to predict an "exact number" @ $13,888 for mid February. How is that possible? In addition, everytime he is wrong, he blames it on the language or on some unforeseen event. Well then, what is the point in predicting the future markets/events? Listen to his interviews very careful, he talks very fast and for a good reason. Most of his interviews are not hard and most of the questions are pretty predictable. I'm just saying, most of the famous people on YouTube ( those selling products) have a hidden agenda. Please, do your own research and your own discernment!!

  3. Any of us can say we have created a software that pick up Linguistics off the Internet and sell it to the masses. Clif is a snake oil sale man and is only selling what is already happening in the world. You too with the right marketing like Jsnip and Bix pump and dump crap. This is not rocket science people.

  4. Either this guy has no shame or he has a major set of eggs- Old Clif is a bonafide lunatic but at least he's entertaining-calling this guy an airhead is unfair to airheads.

  5. I've been buying CH reports for the last year+. Didn't get this one yet. Had to buy/finance a trip to Thailand yesterday and I don't like selling crypto in this market…especially to buy a CH report when I have zero fiat to invest. If anyone who bought the report would care to just share which cryptos are mentioned I'd appreciate it. No need for details, just curious what crypto are this report is all.

    As far as LTC, ETH, and PPT; LTC is a major hold of mine and I personally think it has some catching up to do, along with DGB, as far as price and market cap to BTC. ETH has a rocky road in my eyes with their scaling issues. It's like trying to work on a car while it's still moving. I feel ETH is waiting for OMG to develop Plasma to get their shit together. I'm way more bullish on NEO and NEO based ICO's compared to ETH right now.

    PPT to me is ONLY popular because of Clif High. I haven't met, or heard of one single PPT owner/fan that isn't a CH fan. When Nico, or whatever alias he and his twin are going by, got caught in that FUD-storm a month or two back, they handled it in fear and weren't men about it. Because of how everything played out, including the PPT Telegram chat which is more like a cult that doesn't allow any free discussion of negative current events and booted me just for asking "what's going on with PPT fud?," I sold ALL my PPT (good 4 digits worth,) and put it into LTC, NEO, OMG, Debitum ICO, and some other shit. I made a killing from when I bought it and based on today's prices…I made a solid move. Love Clif, but twins with Nigerian relations that use differing aliases to dupe people out of money aren't what I like to invest in. Debitum, ETHlend, SALT, Veritaseum, can practically do the same in varying ways and will probably have an easier time getting SMEs to actually want to use their system rather than trust PPT. PPT may survive and thrive, but it could end up like the high-interest 'check cashing loan' business we know of that rape people with bad credit that are late on rent…lender of last resort. My two cents on PPT. Would love to hear any counter arguments about PPT and how it will survive the CEO's criminal past.

    Thanks for listening and best of luck to all us hodlers 😉

  6. If you don’t want to invest but like to collect some cryptos Freely , Airdropping is extremely popular now a days , simply google “ @ cryptoannounces ” and join for latest Free Airdrop or bounty program. (it's not a scam)

  7. The memories and experiences of all your ancestors are passed on to you in your DNA. This is scientifically validated in organ transplantation. Manny have heard the stories of a person receiving memories not of Their Own after receiving an organ transplant and after investigation it is learned that the memories were of the organ donor. Some people are able to access memories of their ancestors and mistakenly think they are experiencing a past life of their own past life, but this is not the case. They are experiencing the past life of one or more of their ancestors.

  8. Have you guys heard of BLUE? They're a relatively new crypto startup that's implementing a SDK to scan and audit smart contracts. They already have a functional wallet that's in BETA as well. Seems like a ton of potential.

  9. He basically picks up selective gossip and gives it a weight based on his whim. he also picks up some technically solid coins to promote. I have watched lots of his talks, you can easily smell he is being biased sometimes. He used to sell his reports for about 15 dollars before he decided to cash on from Crypto craze. lots of crypto gurus on youtube just echo the stuff he says. he is getting more hazy and sketchy lately, honestly i think it was a mistake on my part to make any investment decision influenced by stuff in his report. He can read the data in the air but could not read BTC sell off by Mt. Gox trustee written on the wall. If you want to invest in Crypto, always remember Crypto market valuation is a fluff since it has a very thin market depth

  10. There is over 400 Trillion of Jewish banker fraud, It will collapse they short bitcoin gold and silver. Its all debt backed Jewish Scam that will fail. Audit the Fed its a Jewish whore house . Audit the Gold in Fort Knox its gone. They stole everything. God damn Jewish Fraud.

  11. Cliff said that he would one day get a hard on and shoot his load out into the stratosphere and create new beings like himself with advanced knowledge of the cryptos universe
    LOL you crazy old man Sir Clif, lord God of all knowledge!

  12. Thanks, your explanations are very helpful for me. It is my first time I buy the report but I am not an english native speaker.I am spanish living in spain and in spite the fact that I can understand quite well english in many levels (biology, metphisyc,astrology, economy, phillosophy and so on) it is really dificult for me to understand what Clif really means with his words. Well, and I mean…it is not about something metaphisical..but about economics, dates and prices. Something quite easy for me. I got a headeache yesterday trying to figure out when was the bitcoin possibly going to pass trough a price or, of course, beeing in an specific range of price…or around a price. I dont undrstand Clif language yet. Yes English but no Clif.

  13. Clif highly unlikely's $99 ripoff cryptos reports are based upon his stupid predictive linguistics garbage which are 95% bullshit and 5% mostly likely unlucky guesses in the last entire year?
    Why do you crypto pumpers promote this clown and others like him?
    Oh, I bet you would sell Gramma to make a buck if it allows you to sit on you're asses for another year, so that you don't have to find a real job for a while?
    You are a bunch of parasitic useless eaters, living in you're parents basements for free?

  14. I am Brazilian, I am really surprised to hear from the report Brasil is adopting… For me, it seems far away and not a correct prediction. Hopefully I am wrong. Oh i remember hearing something about BNDS (an government bank that is only to invest in Brazilian development = finance projects with low interests) and I hear they are studying the adoption of Blockchain tech to reduce corruption

  15. I would never invest blindly in anything anyone had to say about a coin or a token without doing my own research .. ALWAYS do your due diligence before diving in.. I will say that some of the coins/tokens that Clif High has highlighted in the past are valuable and have some great potential IMO.. had I not seen them in Clif reports I would not have ran across them early or looked into them until they hit the larger audience . So, there’s some value there for sure , again, just an opinion. 😎

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