Clif High – The Greatest Bitcoin Crash!!!

We probably all heart – Bitcoin could hit $60000 in 2018 but another crash is coming. Well, this illustrates it all. Watch until the end. Webbot, Bitcoin Prank Bitcoin …


  1. Not a big Cliff High fan, but…

    If you look at the daily chart and measure the symmetrical triangle its around 12.9k to 6k….Typically symmetrical triangles are continuation patterns suggesting price will drop further… If you project that measurement then yeah it goes to zero.

    I wouldn't be surprised at all if big money is behind it if that is what happens. People say you can't control BTC, but if you have enough money in the market you can definitely manipulate it.

  2. Go away hippie….your woo woo bullshit is getting so old….โ€data linguisticsโ€ that you cannot fucking explain……you are a scam artist…your track record is appalling….to those that say he made you money? All you had to do was put money in crypto last year into any one of the top 30 and you would have made a lot!! But hey why not spin bullshit and charge 100$ for a report that looks like and is routinely proven to be as accurate as Dr. Seuss!!!

  3. NO, this is not new. It is an old (and STOLEN) interview with Greg Hunter and Clif High. Shame on this channel. This channel posts it as new, with no acknowledgment as to where he has stolen this info from, or the date that it was originally released. Why don't more people call these channels out on this piracy? Everyone just looks the other way and they don't care, so more and more people just take advantage and get away with doing it. Sorry, it will always annoy me. STOLEN STOLEN STOLEN. Shame on this channel.

  4. I got news for you. If this is a resumption of the crash that started months ago, which I think it is, ain't no way this will see 60,000 in 2018 or ever. If it goes below 6000, it is gonna spiral as miners start going offline.

  5. He's into other things like his ray gun. I'd say he got burnt by his crypto. Investments. Seen the I'm out of the market to focus on other things excuses before. Its not hard to work out direction. You don't need to talk waffle.

  6. Horseshit appeals to dumbasses. If this guy could tell you something, why isn't he worth 10 billion already and curing the world. BS fortune teller, tarot card reader. Horseshit central.

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