Clif High on Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Our Future….. // Stock market finance investing interviews

Clif High on Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Our Future….. // Webbot report latest 2017 interview crypto cryptocurrency predictions Visit Mr. Clif High at …


  1. Clif makes the point that gold is not convenience because it is difficult to walk around with coins in their pocket. But that is an easy fix. I am sure a company will come out with a "Debit Card" product that can be used against the store of only someone's gold. Visa could do that.

  2. Wake up! This pathetic douchebag and his pretend Ouija board is a colossal  deception. He is a pay for puke con man with a cyberspace twist. How can this mental dwarf live with himself while cashing your checks derived from real labor. Such people should be remanded to the cyberspace toilet.

  3. The fact that Clif High mentions Veritaseum (VERI) and hints that it is a "stellar gem" suggests that he is either really bad at cryptocurrency analysis, or is on the take. (I'll guess it's the latter.) There are currently less than 2 million VERI in circulation vs. 92 million ethereum (ETH). He doesn't mention anything about circulating supply or market cap, and instead makes a direct comparison between the price of individual VERI tokens and the price of individual ETH tokens. If you know anything about trade (be it shares of stock or cryptocurrency or whatever), you know that such comparisons are meaningless. I could create a new ERC20 token called HIGH coin, and I could have a HIGH coin ICO tomorrow. (I really could do this if I wanted; it's something that Ethereum has made so simple that everyone and their Uber driver are doing it.) Now since I want the price of an individual HIGH token to be really high, there will be a total supply of only 10 HIGH tokens, and I'm going to sell them for $1000 each. After my ICO, the crowdsale participants will realize their mistake and sell off, and the price of one HIGH will drop down to about $300. Still, not bad for a day's work! Now, do you want to trade me 1 ETH for 1 HIGH? They have about the same price, so what's the difference? It's a good deal, right?

    The best way to describe the price trend of VERI would be to say that it's been highly volatile and unpredictable. This is to be expected, because the coin has been on the market for less than a month, has a small market cap, and has very limited liquidity. It would be dishonest to suggest that the value of this token is increasing, which is what Clif High would apparently like you to believe. In fact, it hit an all-time low just a few days ago on June 30. VERI is not traded on any major cryptocurrency exhange, which contributes to its limited liquidity and sketchy nature. Of course, ETH is traded on all major exchanges and its market cap dwarfs VERI by a factor of 78. That is, the supply of ETH is worth 78 times more than the supply of VERI. But hey, listen to Clif! Any day now, one VERI will be worth five ETH!

    Even so, all of this would be fine if there was some kind of incredible value proposition behind VERI. So what is its value? What problem does it solve? Can it do smart contracts? Nope. Does it have a great plan for scalability? Nope. You'll love this: VERI is valuable because you must buy VERI in order to purchase financial advice from a man named Reggie Middleton and his associates. Yep. That's it! To get a flavor of how amazing Reggie Middleton is, I'm going to quote the man himself. He was posting on on April 26th in order to hype his coin: "We're going to shake things up significantly in cryptoland as we bring very high end financial analysis and financial engineering to the tokenization community. I'm going to try very hard to bring the hedge fund community in with me as buy side investors (I'm on my way to my hedge fund hotel on Park Ave. now)."

    Just so you can be sure he's a real financial expert, he's letting you know that he's on his way to his super fancy hedge fund hotel. AWESOME INVESTMENT ADVICE, CLIFF! I must honestly admit, I never would have heard about this incredible investment opportunity if I had not watched this video. I'm on my way to buy Clif's report right now, so I can find some MOAR STELLAR GEMS!

    Just in case you had any doubt about Clif's incredible intellect, he finishes the interview by telling you that the sun is going to cook us all with space particles or something vague like that, and as proof, talks about cave man drawings on cave walls, and how the sun used to fry cave people, and force them to stay in their caves. I really don't understand why anyone would listen to this guy. I think he's senile.

  4. why would this nutter charge you for a report ..the things he talks about have gone up 100,000% ..meaning he should now be a billionaire if he's smart and invested during the boom of Crypto which he says he has ????

  5. Do you think people should be out of cryptocoins before Aug 1st? BIP148 change that could impact Bitcoin (and when Bitcoin is impacted all others seem to be impacted as well)

  6. wow have you ever changed your talk Clif High from silver being a thing to hold and your childrens children saying you were smart. interesting I wonder who is paying you. I Have bought things and gotten into crypto because I believed in you thanks. My bad. never trust anyone is what you say

  7. Cliff where are all your servers at? I suppose you have a building full of servers in your trailer park you. LOL you fucking fraudster. All you're doing is just making up bullshit. Show us your vast web bot servers, you broke ass bitch. You don't have anything. Your surfing the web and coming up with a bunch of bullshit, and claiming you have web bots retrieving this information. This is a fucking joke you fuckiN Hill Billy.

  8. use to think this guy was a crackpot, as he admits to seeing aliens.. he seems much more grounded lately… still am being caustious, as now he talks about … "we" see this in the data set… not . "I" see…. do you agree?

  9. Clif put a vid up saying silver would break out in June. He was wrong and is wrong more than he is right imo. His "web bot" is bullshit. I listened to him for months and I was holding gold and silver because he said it would spike and it didn't and I lost money because of his bullshit. So Fuck Him!

  10. Clif is on another level and totally altruistic. Everyone is just drilling him to make financial predictions. His message is more important than financial gains you may make at the closing of the empire. Get some crypto and some PM's and have access to a garden and fresh water and don't stress the fall of the empire. Health and peaceful mind will get you further than a fat FIAT bank account.

  11. Cliff High is oblivious to the fact that gold itself doesn't have to move instantly around the globe as fast as bit coins, the OWNERSHIP needs to. You can use block chain tech to exchange real gold claims.

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