Clif High Forecasts Feb, 2018 – Bitcoin to 20k by March 2018 –Bitcoin Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

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  1. Said your friends clif he made a shit prediction. In the future he should no more make a prediction for btc. 20k on btc and april 60k yo yo. He mean march btc 2k and april btc in 6.4k kakakak

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  3. Here are the reason Bitcoin is doomed to fail eventually. especially when the blind see: I think the many other crptos have had an impact and some of the smarter investors realize 1) 1000 investors own 40% of Bitcoin 2) Bitcoin is subject to market manipulation via the futures markets 3) The Energy costs of so-called mining have sky-rocketed and will soon entail the energy used by Japan ( Will governments allow this?) 4) There is No Bond market for Bitcoin and 5) If one is not a criminal how is bitcoin more valuable than a visa card if transactions into and out of the dollar are monitored?

  4. Hi, im Mountain Low. I can predict markets into the future because i use words. Important words, like algorithmic, day-tah, aggregation, humanity, ubiquitous, hyperinflation, accute, oh and my favorite….blockchain…any alphabet soup agency rolls off of my tounge like the kindergarten bully whose ass i finally kicked in a high school Science Fair. My gracious host worships me and kisses my ass so much im starting to think hus beard and skin tone are hypnotizing me….he behaves as if i am his savior so, heck…lets see how far i can run with this Nostrodamus/Jesus/Edgar Allen Poe, role.

    Get real…its march, his predictions…WRONG…keep looking for your almighty youtube oracle, good luck…stop lying to yourselves, you are not informed at all by this guy.

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  6. It's March 6 and Bullshit Coin is TANKING. And will tank to 500 dollars by the end of the year. I am the god of HELLFIRE, and I bring you fire, dadaDAAAA,, FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRe.

  7. I think hes very knowledgable, however, seems a little too data focused. Just reminds me a lot of a old school banker, rather then the revolutionary Crypto believer everyone thinks.

  8. God the host guy is such a ETH shill .. Ethereum token doesn't make sense has no point at all, the likelihood of ETH going to $0 is higher than it to surpass Bitcoin long term.
    but good to see Cliff knows his shit! Bitcoin is the superior one it has more security while being more dezentralized, with more infrastructure the most attacked and proven network.
    I like the idea of investing in humans too and that is why my faith is in Bitcoin, the devs there have proven time by time to figure out the best solutions keeping consensus clear while not being corupted by some bad actors fud campaign like recent attempts .. they play it cool while staying focused with what counts while keeping the development open and transparent, on top of that some of the devs track records on projects they worked on before Bitcoin just underlines their honest intentions and their cypherpunk-ness.

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