1. As a broke mother f*cker I get really encouraged when the price of the hottest technology bottoms out. It gives me the opportunity to get in to a market that I would have had no hope with say… Last December. Happy hunting for the next big project…APL

  2. When ever you need to convince people about your investment not being dead, it's because the only way for yout to make money is if someone is willing to buy it at a more expansive price. AKA, you need to convince people it is good for them to give you their money for your bitcoin trash.

    Why not invest in real business that produces services and goods instead of putting money in something completly useless haha This is like a Paintin… worth as much as people are willing to pay. Coca cola is worth what it pays , not what someone wants to pay, so it's value is not related to someone's opinion on bitcoin.

    This is almost like religion. Give me your money and I promise you its worth it … right, empty futur benefits

  3. Blockchain will be as huge as the internet itself. Transactional information, supply chains, escrow, food security, disease outbreaks, medicinal transport, tariffs and customs, passports, healthcare records and stock. Every one of those and more is key for the future, and the country that takes its forward first and coordinates their way to do something faster, more secure and cheaper – they will dominate the economic world for years.

  4. Perspective = btc June 2017 = $2000 est

    Btc June 2018 = $6000 est.

    Btc had three significant jumps and declines in ten years.Each of these three phases was exponentially greater than the previous….the next one may be ridiculously big.

    Listen, each of these 3 phases meant that crypto was laying down stronger foundations than the last. The foundations for next jump will be a very solid platform.

  5. Has anyone tried cloud mining ? I have personally tested Genesis Mining and it has given me good results (http://www.genesis-mining.com/a/1087552 ) You are essentially renting the use of mining computers, and outsourcing the maintenance to a company. Therefore, you invest in cryptocurrency mining infrastructure without purchasing the machines yourself. I leave a code to get a discount on any of the Genesis Mining contracts in case someone is interested in trying it. Code: "jywAkr"
    Please feel free to use it!

  6. I make 10 bucks an hr 24 hrs a day right now in just prophet, it is a second income, it pays for all my computers needs & I have no mining hardware, it would over load my power electricity for the amount I mine per hr, I only pay for the amount of electricity that I use in large amounts & normally get double back after a long wait

  7. Very true – read the tea leaves and keep an eye on the outliers and you will know that currently we are only seeing the tip of an iceberg in the Crypto world. Our world is changing and R&D patents tell the tale. Great information. Thank you

  8. Blockchain is here to stay, but this doesn't mean the bitcoin is gonna go up. What can u do with a Bitcon? Some cryptos do have a bright future becoz they can be used in our daily life, can't say the same about the bitcon! Do u expect people to make purchase in btc in the future and pay tens of dollars per translation? And let's not even mention how slow are the transactions on the buttcoin network!

  9. Great bullish video OK and Bitcoin is going to the moon OK and china knows block chain is the future OK buy now while it's still cheap but this isn't financial advice OK LMAO 😂😂😂😂

  10. It will eventually moon, but not until we’ve reached the despair point and as long as I see YouTubers like you saying stuff like this I know we haven’t hit bottom yet and despair has not been reached. When YouTubers like you start saying it’s time to hang it up and look for something else is when the next bull run will start,

  11. I personally don't think Bitcoin and crypto will ever die! There is so much potential. Didn't people say that the Internet would die too? As more and more cryptocurrencies created real world value other then just the coin itself, the market will take off. I am not losing hope! Although each time I look at my blockfolio app, I cringe. lol


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