China Cant Stop Bitcoin… And Why Gold Bugs Need To Get Woke On Cryptocurrencies

Jeff is interviewed by Elijah Johnson for The Silver Doctors, topics include: the Chines shutdown of Bitcoin, Bitcoin is unstoppable, ICO’s, price volatility, the …


  1. Jeff Berwick you are smart enough to see the dangers of electronic currency taking over, leading to a cashless society. You seem legit, but don't you see the govt's around the world could very easily shut down the present, fairly free internet and replace it with a slave version where we need to sign in via biometrics, and where everything we say or do must be sanctioned by THEM? The day they shut down the present internet will be the day bitcoin holders will be left with a bunch of numbers in their heads which allow them access to absolutely nothing. The crooks who run things always pretend to be against what they themselves have put forward, a case in point being the federal reserve.

  2. Read the report "New Silk Route as world land bridge- by LaRouche. Agree China cannot stop bitcoin but at least China's leadership "produced the goods" : got 700million people out of poverty and is spearheading multi-million projects around the world. Try beat that or even better, use bitcoin to JOIN the initiative to make the world a better place through goods and services. You cannot make an economy grow by just collecting bitcoins. You need to produce stuff that bitcoin can buy. Go figure.


  4. Peter Shill!!!! ROFLMFAO!!!!!! Fuck that Jew banker bastard!!! His family was one of the families that absolutely destroyed the US back in the early 1900's with their fiat money and banking scam!!!

    P.S. WTF with using "woke"? Stupid as hell! I feel like I'm hanging out on the corner of Thug St. and Gold Grill Ave.!!!
    P.P.S. Yes, peace and prosperity for everyone but "white" people, they will all be killed off by the "peaceful" non-whites.

  5. Bitcoin itself might not be able to be banned. But the problem starts when bitcoin exchanges are becoming illegal! If you can't trade your bitcoin for something you can actually buy stuff with. Your bitcoin kind of becomes worthless… It might be too big for that to still happen though.

  6. Government didn't have to create it to control it. The discovery of fire and electricity were things the revolutionized humanity and at the time seemed uncontrollable by any entity. However eventually we wound up paying the state for gas/hydro. Give it time they will control it someway or another. Just take advantage of the fact you can be in on the secret early… the bottom of the new one percent is still a very comfortable place to be.. moral concerns on the topic is another story.

  7. every time I go to the supermarket I ask do you take bitcoin, I always get a NO and a funny look, but spread the word. Also at my local Chinese Restaurant " so you take Bitcoin" what is Bitcoin, spread the word.

  8. Government and central bank's will create their own form of crypto currency. They will fail, because they will be unable to create a currency that is honest. They will need to control the quantity and therefore the economy and ultimately the population that uses it. More of the same. They will go so far as to ban any other form of currency than their own. This too will fail, the nation went to war when England told the colonist they could no longer use their colonial script and had to pay their taxes in gold. History rhyming.

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