Chat with Tone Vays – IOTA, Altcoins, Bitcoin

This is for the Telegram Support. Please give me my username. Speaking with Tone Vays and talking about Technical Analysis, Bitcoin, and Altcoins. Tone has strong opinions on Bitcoin and altcoins….


  1. It is fascinating to watch how you are more mature and balanced than older ppl like Vays and RHeart. Please interview more programmers and generally people who are inspiring others to push boundaries, and less people like Vays or Heart, which of course have their reasons and I agrew with certain parts of their reasoning, but they have an overall negative attitude just for the sake of it.

  2. Tone Vays may be right or wrong partly for his good or bad views & opinions on Bitcoin, Altcoins and IOTA. There are more indept research and studies of various ICOs and their viabilities in their respective projects for crowdfunding.
    2018 may not be like 2017 now as more and more ICOs and crypto currencies/tokens/coins are coming out and more problems of various governmental regulations and controls are to be affecting serious volatility of Bitcoin, and other crypto digital moneys as compared to legal tender fiat moneys in real world nowadays.
    Therefore, more risks will be surfacing in Bitcoin in exchanging markets and the same will be coupled with other crypto currencies, tokens and coins sooner and later.
    Besides, there are hundreds of other constraints, problems and bubbling worldwide economies and geopolitics which will affect and contribute to ill effects of bitcoin, ethereum, and many other digital moneys, hence those who try to dream to be richer in ICOs and crypto currencies/token/coins are just fallacy and dreaming with no realistic outcomes in more practical world now and in future soon.
    Those who bought in earlier BTC/BCH, ETH, LITEcoin, etc or ICO tokens/coins may be able to make moneys if they are not greedy and target their objectives in returned profits in original cheaper BTC/BCH, ETH ,etc; not any more if anyone will buy in the present higher prices for all crypto digital moneys in any exchange, not forgetting there are so many risks in hacking, loses of internet public or private keys concerned which are so often happening nowadays. God will not help anyone in hacking and losess of software programmed digital money investment as compared to fiat moneys in tradings,like ICO and IPO, all are to sweep legal tender fiat moneys into higher risks of virtual digital moneys nowadays and in future soon. Cheers to those who make gains before any collapse in any investment nowadays.

  3. I like Tony Vays. Didn't know anything about him until watching this. I think he has some interesting views. I disagree with his view on PoS though. There are some seriously smart people researching PoS and some have even proved that it is as secure as PoW under certain assumptions that are reasonable and realistic. Also I disagree with his views on decentralisation being unnecessary. Decentralisation is the only way to achieve economic freedom. Half the world's population do not have such freedoms. Those environments are perfect use cases for decentralised solutions.

  4. “The smart engineers are not with the Alt Coins; all of the innovation is with Bitcoin.”
    This is the exact opposite of what I’ve gathered from dozens of lectures from…. smart engineers, none of whom are currently working on BTC-related projects.

  5. the arrogance of Vays! Only registered investors??? a registered investor is a person or org with a lot of money that is approved by the government to buy an ico>>>>> the same people who run the banking system will decide who can invest and cant

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