1. Thanks for such an insightful tour Tai Zen ⭐️👍🏻⭐️
    Can you please point me in the right direction; I'd love to attend 'blockchain' events / conferences with opportunities to become educated about projects & invest (in particular during their seed stages).

  2. Nice content I had a talk with a bunch of people there posted 2 of them on TBP rivets and .. I forget…

    Did a bunch of others but my phone wasn't recording and basically destroyed about 3-7ish scams to the point where the next in line refused to be filmed by me to which I responded

    "Your company sent you out here to represent their project and even if you do t know the answer to my question at least let me ask it after explaining your project like you have with all the other people with cameras here"

    I didn't want to get kicked out for being polite and reasonable so I continued on

  3. you need to upgrade DOGE coin everyone is talking about that the coin has not been updated you mention something about the upgrade I think if you upgrade DOGE  it will go really to the moon I know this and is up to you guys to do it I know many people buying doge coin but they want it to grow and the only thing stoping the grow is the upgrade so get with it man .

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