Candlestick Trading -1 minute candlestick – candlestick scalping strategy – May-12-2018

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  1. Bro i am trying to do each session using ur money management and ur 1 min trading strategy but the problem is it takes lot of time to do 10 trades. in ur videos u only do 3 or 4 so can u please tell me how many trades u take each day? and how many hours u spend trading on each session?

  2. Hi, do you trade options for a living? and what is your winning ratio trading rejections ? like your trading a lot, been learning trusted spots for a long time. thanks

  3. Is this true that iq don't pay once u start winning saw video review of one guy asking iq manager to send his winning money plus his deposits which they were keeping on hold n he call the manager n the manager started asking what's y,our strategy of winning which he told her support and resistance which she said she don't belive.

  4. Brother Hemraj…this is what I expected it from you….you stayed longer on a certain pairs and explained it in detail until you did not have any other opportunity then you moved to other pairs and you explained it the same way…it made it clear in my mind about trading and increase myself confident in one minute trading…thanks brother

  5. Waiting for a long time.. i'm very happy you're back bro.. 😎

    Bro, when we need an evidance and when we don't need an evidance.? And also when we need a rejection and we don't need a rejection.?
    Because in your video about reversal, you say we don t need any confirmation if let say trend is down trend, the candle is goes up to and touch the resistance level and close below the level, and we can place a put/lower without any confirmation. Please advice.. thank you.. 😎..

    You re so cool bro.. my inspiration.. 😁😎

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