Canadian Marijuana Technical Analysis Chart 9/4/2018 by

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  1. I'm new and learning about this sector. I gather CGC and Weed are the same company but on different exchanges. CGC seems to be getting more of Dan's airtime than Weed. Can someone tell me what's the preference of trading cgc Nasdaq rather than Weed TSX? Thanks

  2. Hey Dan, I'm a big fan of your crypto vids and would like to get involved in these MJ stocks. I'm sure you've been asked this question many times but could you tell me the best way to trade outside the US? I'm in the UK. Cheers bud

  3. Thanks Dan. What a day! Sadly I am still learning so am just witnessing all this happening around me 🙁 But I am happy for everyone and know that i too will have my day! No FOMO here.) i wanted your opinion on KBEV or KBEVF, the 1st (Canadian based) beverage company to add CBD to beverages (remember Coca cola in the 5os!!?). Thanks, I really value your opinion.

  4. Wish I could trade like a robot more effectively… but that ATH s got me so high on FOMO. There is a pullback coming for sure and when it hits it will hit pretty hard short-term, in my opinion. Always that big push before it hits. Gonna have to quit my day job to watch charts.

  5. Love the analysis! Can you try to cover OGI in your next vid? I’ve been looking at it a while and am thinking of taking a position as a undervalued MJ stock pick.

  6. Hey Dan, as always thanks for your hard work putting these videos together they help a lot. Your knowledge has taught me patience and not to get greedy, which have saved me from being taken to the cleaners; thanks again.

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