Canadian Marijuana Technical Analysis Chart 6/9/2018 by

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  1. Don't forget that even though the Senate did vote positive to the bill, there are over 40 amendments to it that have to be approved by the government. That may be a back and forth process that will last for months causing a very important delay to legalisation. The cannabis is far from being legalised right now.

  2. I moved most of my Canadian portfolio into US MJ already. Based on mine and others analysis, it looks like some of the best names and charts from a technical and value play are CRZ(CNNRF), MPX(MPXEF), IAN(ITHUF), LHS(LHSIF), TRTC, KSHB. The F-ticker ones are canadian based but operate in the US and are well positioned. For the people thinking about medmen, its way overpriced even with the drop. You can buy MPX and IAN for less than one medmen and they generate more revenue each. Way overhyped. Check out the charts .

  3. Any thoughts on MEDMEN?? They're a US company, planning on doing big things and still cheap. They also restructured their stock deal so that the founders/CEOs of the company will only get paid when certain stock price milestones get reached.

  4. Your videos are fantastic. Thank you so much for them. — I have mostly been holding long, but thinking about moving to short swings, I still need to learn a lot more but these videos are fantastic aids.

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