CAN/US Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 11/5/2018 by

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  1. Anyone knows if Acreage holdings is uplisting today? Can't find any information on their official site but heard it will be traded today. This is the biggest name to watch in US definitely.

  2. Great video once again, but a little confused. Right off the bat, you clearly say you expect a “sell the news” event, but then when talking about KSHB you talk about “blowing the top off” Tuesday and Wednesday. Do those statements contradict? Is your predicted pullback stock specific?

    I’m personally holding TCNNF TRUL.C after a day of gains, wondering if tomorrow is a gap up then sell off on the news.

    Thanks again!

  3. Get money, do good. Do good, get money. Thanks again dan. Will be watching for a little dip buy with a safe stop loss followed by personal profit taking. Then waiting for everything to settle before getting back in.

  4. Thanks Dan, I noticed MedMen was conspicuously absent from your video today even though you mentioned it as one of the most bullish names on your trading list in ALL your previous videos. Obviously it's the only non-performer out there. Did you see red flags this morning and if so what were they?? It started to rally early on like all the others…. then faltered terribly.

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