Can Bitcoin Go to Zero?

Bitcoin has plenty of opinions on where it’s going, whether it be to the moon or to zero. There’s an article …


  1. hey man, i pauzed the video, and i will continue after i type this, now that the dust has settled i think you probably will notice this. This comment is off topic, and has not really anything to do with the topic of this video. i remember months ago watching your channel when we had the 20K, and i was thinking to myself this is nuts… but then i continued watching and i picked up a few things left and right about trading. anyway we are now a bit later and btc has come down considerately, would you have done anything different if you knew what you know today? also i'm glad you're also more getting into the technical and not just trading, greed is bad in my opinion. i think it's much more valuable to talk about the technology. i know this was pretty verbose, but i do wish you the best. a cheers my dude.

  2. Hey man, love the content! I was hoping to ask you a few questions, so if you have time could you possibly let me know how to contact you? It would be much appreciated, thanks.

  3. Thx for an interesting view point. Something we should think about. Personally, Bitcoin will be around for a long long time. It just have too much benefits for people who are rich or poor.

  4. All you people who think it cant go to zero, why dont you buy it now? It must be on a huge sale afterall, it is only around 6k now down from a high of 20k.
    That is a huge markdown in price and surely a bargain, no?
    Buyers gone, volume gone. Just losers left holding the bag, waiting for a chance to offload to some poor sap, so they can get out of the biggest pump and dump in history.


  6. Very interesting video. You are indeed the best.
    Price of Crypto currencies, in my opinion, is driven mostly by psychology, greed, fear, and of course manipulation (not wall street).

    I do recommend reading a book written in 1841 by Charles Mackay titled "Extraordinary Popular Delusion and the Madness of Crowds".

    It is amusing and very informative about crowd psychology. I especially recommend reading the part on the South Sea Bubble.

    In the mist of the buzz and furore of looking for easy moneys an adventurer started selling shares in, and I quote verbatim
    a "company for carrying on an undertaking of great advantage, but nobody to know what it is".

    "Crowds of people beset his door, and when he shut up at three o'clock, he found that no less than one thousand shares had been subscribed for and the deposits paid. He was thus, in five hours the winner of 2,000 pounds. He was philosopher enough to be contented with his venture, and set off the same evening for the Continent. He was never heard of again".

    This anecdote reminds me very much of ICOs 🙂

    And Yes!, in my opinion, Bitcoin, and with it, all other coins/tokens, can and are very likely to go to "zero" i.d. be worthless.

    Big investors will never be interested in Crypto-currencies. If they will be ever interested in the block change technology ,which has been around for ten years, they will build their own.

    In case of a bubble, or strong correction, in the traditional markets no one will ever look for safe heaven in a more volatile market such as Crypto. They will seek refuge in the USD (among others) which is backed by US military might and petrol.

    Bitcoin's intrinsic value is zero, and it's not even a collectable. Maybe crypto hard wallets in pristine condition will one day have some collector's value.

    Once the buzz will be over Crypto, as it is today, will be forgotten. People are in it for the excitement, the gamble, the hope to make easy moneys. Now the excitement is already quickly fading away.

    An other catalyst for the "end of Crypto" will, in my opinion the inevitable burst of scams like Bitfinex, Tether, and Eos.
    People will lose all confidence in this market. That, in combination with no "to da moon 1 million $ Bitcoin", no easy money in a week or month or so, no "lambos", all this will means that crypto will be sooner than people think, be relegated to an other chapter of history dealing with popular delusions and the madness of crowds. 😉

  7. What’s so great about Crypto?
    Well, it will allow us to Purchase without a Merchant, Bet without a Bookie, Insure without an Underwriter, get a Loan without a Bank, trade a Stock without a Broker, use Escrow without an Agent, and establish an uncensored Internet without ISP’s.

  8. BTC could go to 0 only to be replaced by a better version (I don't know which or if it exists now), what gives it value is the EXACT reason that gave birth to its concept, complete DISTRUST of the economic status quo, more and more people especially from the younger generations learn how entire economies are manipulated through the banking system that runs a neverending printing fiat scheme that ultimately makes entire nations and million of people poorer through inflation.Remember The Weimar Republic? Do you see Venezuela or Zimbabwe? US and Europe are printing like crazy!!! Who received the more that ONE TRILLION TARP bailout in 2008? was it the people? NO, it was the established financial system. This corrupt system is what gives BTC value imo and the solution is a decentralized financial ecosystem or if you want to call it a TARP for the people and by the people.The seed has been planted and whether its btc or another crypto of the ecosystem the reality is that it
    is badly needed for the transition to the 3rd Industrial Economic Revolution. I would advice you to learn about this vision and how countries like germany and china are already working on it by watching this video where this economic professor is already an advisor to chancellor Merkel in germany,

  9. Really bad title. If you fear it "going to zero", then you're in the wrong space, mate. If you have a fearful mentality then you will make an absolute collosal fool of yourself in Crypto space – don't go anywhere near it !

  10. Simply speaking, over hundreds of startup is being created as a result of Bitcoin and it's technology behind (BlockChain), If Bitcoin goes to zero, the entire crypto market will collapse. Moreover, just think of how many miners are out there and maintaining the Bitcoin Network? Bitcoin is limited in quantity unlike the money as an infinite resource. Bitcoin price will increase soon.
    I remember Oil price was $138 per barrel in the past, was that a bubble?

    It's just a Market

  11. bitcoin was zero back in 2009 and people mined it at a cost. It will always have a value. I think the more relevant question is will it be a reliable store of value ?

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