Calm Before The Bitcoin Storm? | Nucleus Vision (NCASH) Analysis

Bitcoin Basics Trading Videos (Highly recommended): ▻ BINANCE (ALTCOIN EXCHANGE): ▻ TRADING TOOLS: ▻ Charting…


  1. LZM4gvpVr6qkePgQBXVajSrCYZFieor2Ds LTC ,HTn3LYUio3wMjUGstqUHYcedFxxAqvyebg BTC This are my ltc and btc adresses if anyone has some extra to get me started on crypto,i dont have any money to do so,my small wage dosent alowe me to spend one cent,before buying food and diapers for my family. Maybe someone was more fortunate and whants to share his luck. I know this is a long shot but you never know.

  2. I didn't take your financial advise and did my own research.
    After a thorough research for a month I come to conclusion that over 90% of Youtubers technical analysis has been wrong. So, you know what that means right?

  3. Had you not purchased bitcoin at $19,783 on December 17, 2017 and sold it today at $8015 you wouldn't have lost 58% of you're 💰?
    You should of bought silver and gold and you wouldn't have lost 58% of you're 💰?

  4. Your analysis confirms my own… im certainly a noob at TA… but I have educated myself in the past few weeks at reading charts, trends etc… I have not invested in bitcoin or any other coins for that matter but I am looking to get in for a small investment just because why not? it might go to the moon in several years. I might try to trade small amounts for experience and try to make small profits. (I was right on the last drop to about 8000… so I think I got a basic grasp)
    Im just waiting for it to hit the lowest bottom to get in.

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