Buy Sell Difference 30% To 50% | Bitcoin India Exchage Scam | Being india crypto tech

नमस्कार दोस्तो स्वागत है आप सभी का आपके ही channel बीइंग इंडिया में Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency…


  1. This basterd sykam is having control on all wallets. He is enabling auto buy/sell without users' consent. Diff in coin is too much n by using auto buy/sell he is buying at high rate n selling at low rate thus directly minimising our money that too without our consent.
    I know 1 peraon who had 1.5Cr Rs coin in account n sykam cheated him with auto buy/sell n brought his balance to thousand rupees that too in few hours only

  2. Guys beware of Thug Sykam reddy. He is looting innocent people.btci app earlier removed from Google play store n then again he registered with another name on 11th June 18. I had invested 14 lakh n when he blocked my account I had 20 lakh. This basters ruined my life. I have lodged complaint ag this basterd. Don't deposit any money there. You can never withdraw it from there. Thousands of accounts are either suspended or auto buy/sell mode activated n he took all money

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