Buy Ethereum? Price Surge Coming? Upcoming ETH News 2018!

In this video, we discuss the latest news surrounding Ethereum, and its role is in the market. Is this going to be a big year for Ethereum in the cryptocurrency …


  1. Hi Jeff
    Been watchinhg your channel for a long time now and think its great.
    Im just wondering why you personally wouldnt invest in ZEBI when its already an up and running project with Indian goverment contracts and not just an idea like many other coins you are invested in?

  2. Ethereum has old tech. Third generation coins like cardano, iota, eos, zilliqa , neo and so on will crush etherium long term. Etherium is not a good long term hold any more. Real hidden gems with low market cap are Hacken (HKN), STK (STK) and Block Array (ARY). 11 May 2018 Block array getting its license = SICK GAINS

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  4. Etherium is definitely not a security. How can it be a security when there is no etherium company? Good luck to the politicians trying to collect corporate income tax. If etherium is a security, then logically all video game money such as wow gold is also a security. Absolutely ridiculous!

  5. A security suggests that you have partial ownership in the organization. In the case of Ether we do not. What if you run a masternode in something like DASH where you get to vote on governance issues ? I think crypto is no more of a security than gold is. Nobody really owns a blockchain.

  6. Nobody is a Crypto Currency Expert – N O B O D Y – but it makes one feel smart when they tell you things – I got Johnny Rainclouds and Chicken Littles telling me not to spend my $250 on Bitcoin via WU to Hong Kong back when it was $7 dollars a bitcoin – oh, shoot, my cruise tickets are here – GTG

  7. so this is altcon buzz news????its yr personal bias news.Ethereum is yr favourite coin. Go study the market and do analysis of the market.

  8. The video is very informative and your voice is calm; however, your delivery needs work. You must try not to say "You know" so much when you speak. Waaay too much, but that is fixable if you really want to improve. Take care.

  9. Theodore Chukwu
    I am sure you get suggestions all the time, this one is really flying under the radar, another ripple in It’s infancy, you have to look into BABB WITH THE TICKER (BAX) @getbabb ON YOUTUBE, do some research and a review. Our community needs this one for massive gains.

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