Bull or Bear: April 2018 market prediction

My opinion about next month’s cryptocurrency market. 50% of the crypto community is bullish and 50% bearish, while we see this number of people being bullish going down each and every bad…


  1. 3-29-2018 one of the worst days in crypto history, every coin in the top 50 took between 10-20% losses in a 24 hour period with the exception of EOS which only had a 24 hour price drop under 1%. I think this really defines how solid of a project this really is. Please mention this in your next video the viewers need this pointed out I'm sure this coin will lead the return.

  2. Tech… the tech is the most important issue here and it will go nowhere… actually the sellers are getting exhausted… i agree with you for a up and down sideways trend for the next weeks… hodl because 1 btc at 10k or 1 btc at 5k is still… 1 btc 😉 hou je taai!

  3. mehh poor quality video! 10+ min talking about bs just for the youtube moneys. This channel used to be good but now it's just collecting money to tank his crypto losses

  4. Crypto market crashes in Jan and Feb: Some HODLers panic sold and got rekt, the price recovered instantly and everyone is buying the dip.
    Crypto market now: The HODLers developed the muscles to HODL, the buy-the-dippers think the price will go lower, that's why the market movements are slow both up and down.

  5. The only people calling for regulation is people with a lot of money in crypto, to those starting out they won't make money if regulations come in.

  6. NASDAQ futures contract is coming hodl… another moon shoot is coming compliments of the Wall Street boys …. Puerto Rico and Malta are going to lead the world… screw regulations… the stock market is shady as is the banksters…

  7. The trend is your friend. So bearish, easy. Once we bottom out, form a rounded bottom (zoom out on 1W or 3D chart), then I'll start being bullish. No reason for now.

  8. I think Bitcoin will hit $90,000 before the next bear market based on Bitcoins previous 2 bull markets where bitcoin gained 56,000% on each run. Based on the current bull market which started on 1/14/ 15 at $160.37 and applying 56,000%, Bitcoin should hit $90,000 before the next bear market in which Bitcoin could lose 90% of its value. The 70% decline that we just saw in Bitcoins price from the top at $20,000 is exactly what happed in Bitcoins previous two Bull markets. Both times after the decline we saw a bounce to new highs.
    First bull run: 7/22/10 to 6/8/11 from $.05 to $29.50= 321 days Bull run +59,100%
    Second bull run: 11/18/11 to 12/4/13 from $2.05 to $1,149.50 = 747 days Bull run +55,973%
    Current bull run: 1/14/15 to now from $160.37 to $7,400 we are only at +4,625%

  9. Bulish for the long run for all the space!!! For a specific coin in this specific time? I wish I would know! I geus EOS ACT And NULS would be a nice choice to just keep it steady.

  10. Unfortunately, we have wedge after wedge with lower lows screaming continuing bearish divergence. We will see $5800 by Monday. Stored everything in trx/req and bnb tether until it gets where I personally want it before jumping ALL OVER IT😈

  11. Mainly bearish as it is largely Millenials investing at present and they are strapped for cash compared with other generations. I suspect that they are also probably more affected by hype than previous generations (who have seen/lived through and survived boom/bust cycles) also and so reversal of sentiment will be slower/more volatile as a result. Once tech projects start to deliver then Millenials will leap back on board but the question is whether the GenX/Boomers/Whales will have regulated and gamed the system by that point to their favour. Too many are focused on profits rather than underlying tech and its ability to improve the world. This needs to change for a healthier and more sustainable market in my opinion otherwise it will be the ones that already have the money to invest (not the Millenials generally) that will have greatest opportunity to compound their gains.

  12. With bitcoin Futures the btc Price is Coupled to the People which want to control our planet. As These People have enough Money, their First aim is to pretend middle class to get wealthy. Btc will jumpshot when more than 50% go short or enough went out of the market

  13. Never been more bullish than I am right now. I invest without emotion unlike most of the people in this market. How can anybody think this technology isn't going to go anywhere anytime soon. It's evolving just as fast as ever there's just some major price manipulation going on by big Banks and major Wales there getting ready to pounce. Never in history has there been a time where the retail investor had the opportunity to get in on something before the Institutional Investor. Times have changed and there will be a huge, major shift of wealth in the world to Everyday People Like Us that are making the Right Moves right now. Unlike you guys always say this is not Financial advice well I'm giving Financial advice and telling everybody to buy up these prices and leave your emotion out of it. Forget about it for several years with a few tweaks as an exception. Sorry for the long message Quentin. You are such a smart young man. You're going to be very successful, I can tell that by listening to you over the past seven to eight months. Thanks for your videos bud and take good care

  14. I think alts are going to take over the scene while bitcoin kind of stays the same if not dwindling more in the meantime. I got my bids placed on Digitalprice, UNO, COLX, Spank, 300 token, 42coin and others

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