In this talk, Simon Stone will provide an introduction to Blockchain, why it is so important today, and how JavaScript developers can use Node.js, LoopBack, …


  1. It's not 'untrusted network' – it's trustless. It doesn't require trust. That's the whole point. Millenial's trust in governments and banks is at an all time low. Permissioned chains are not taking this into account which is a big mistake.

  2. Great and very helpful presentation! There is only one point that I did not understand: How can you ensure that nobody has tampered with the blockchain if there is no proof of work?

  3. Are there any talks on how these different ledgers interact with one another? I don't see the point of decentralized systems if they are only going to end up creating disjoint islands of communities without interacting with one another.

  4. If you have a (semi-)trusted network of participants, whats the benefit of using blockchain compared to old/proven technologies like relational databases for storing transactions?

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