1. I say it again and again, do your own research on Quantitative Tightening and the affect on the various economies around the globe. Bubble prone asset classes are going to be deflated (tech, real estate) and fiat alternatives are going to be buggered (precious metals, crypto). The United States is doing very will positioning itself for the next 10 years with its trade deals but most other countries don't seem to have gotten the memo and so when the contraction hits many of the countries that are traditionally big into crypto are going to be hit big.

    Nothing shows the bubble is deflating better than the decline of FANG stocks. And shortly the second best example of QT will be the decline of crypto for a multi year bear market.

  2. Great video, thanks for all of your work francis.
    Following the channel for the last year. Must say one of the most accurate with a great sense of humor analyst out there.
    Always a pleasure watching your videos.
    Thanks again.

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