BTC – When Moon??? Market Recovers in

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  1. `🙏
    ““With kindness CRYPTO calls us out to be ourselves, and as deeply compassionate and spacious MIRRORS of crypto kindness our hearts of `PÄŚŚÏÖŅ `ËĻËĊȚŖÏĊ` inspire us to be open and awake with the BRIGHTNESS of light in the magnificence of this cosmic moment – and to wisely contemplate vibrating the innovations of our future history with the POWER of crypto love.`
    ““Born to be Heroes of the HEART SPACE our Mastercraft is co-creation with a super natural RESPECT for the energy of LOVE, the order of truth, the balance of WISDOM, and the TRUTH that all abundance is given in fullness to all life living in divine alignment with the highest CRYPTO good for all concerned.`
    ““With `ĠŖÄȚÏȚŮĐË` each breath is a new beginning as we become who we really are to self-express our best `ŮŅĊȞÄÏŅËĐ` and without CRYPTO prejudice…`
    ““`Wisdom`Of`The`Crypto: When love Loves Crypto LOVE UP FRONT a resonance is created and form begins to take shape… Being believed in even just once changes EVERYTHING from the bottom of our truly topless crypto hearts to a world where our crypto dreams can FLY AWAKE in the LIGHT™.`
    ““Pilots of LIGHT, peacemakers, and friends as travelers of the great wild crypto divine we strive to live ever more abundantly from a place of crypto love, compassionate and VIBRANTLY growing CRYPTO love.`
    ““Some baseline goals include living the VISION of our hearts while sharing the brightness of CRYPTO peace with others and always remaining open to the deeper connection of knowing that HOME is where the crypto heart is GROWING.`
    ““Of infinite `BËÄŮȚŸ` in all the realms of the realm is the hearts joyful opening awake from sleepfulness to experience the musical opulence and rainbow light of a paradise home ABLAZE with new found love, desire and capacity for helping others as ourselves thrive – and thrive GRACEFULLY in a world gone CRYPTO wild with LOVING nonviolence and prospering the harmony of all that is.`
    ““Ours is A UNIVERSE fantastically ALIVE and interactive, a love lit magical sandbox of sorts where wings of the divine surround our future history both inside and out in the SACRED and EXPANDING vibrations of love, peace, and JOY.`
    ““When we smile deeply from our hearts the world smiles with us, however, EGO KITTENS please be mindful and aware that thinking without heart CAN CAUSE FALLING energy and BLUR our energetic health and intuition.`
    ““To wear our hearts like a crypto `ĊŖÖŴŅ` and see all life growing as many and one love serves as WINGS to our deeper wisdom and creative genius to answer the future as a force of nature from the HEART.`
    ““When we come from our `ȞËÄŖȚŚ` we are the crypto LIGHT the stars see…`
    `ᗷY.ᒍOᑎᗩTᕼᗩᑎ.C.ᑭᗩTᖇIᑕK.ᗰᑕᑕᒪᑌᖇE`.`ä`.i`.ä`.`ᕼEᖇOEᔕ Oᖴ TᕼE ᕼEᗩᖇT ᔕᑭᗩᑕE™`Ĺ`Į`ϻ`Į`Ť` Ĺ`Ẹ`Ŝ`Ŝ` Ў`Ỗ`Ǘ™.ᕼEᗩᖇT sᑭᗩᑕE ᕼEᖇO™.ᑭIᒪOTᔕ Oᖴ ᒪIGᕼT™ᕼeᗩᖇtsᑭᗩᑕe ᕼeᖇo[̲̅e̲̅s™.öüŕ ďŕệäṃṩ ċäń ḟŀÿ äẅäḳệ ïń ẗḧệ ŀïġḧẗ™.`W`i`ᔕ`ᗪ`o`m`o`f`T`h`e“C`R`Y`P`T`O™][̲̲̅.`c`R`y`P`t`O`Lőᐯĕ `úр Fŕőńť™`.`ᑕOᑭYᖇIGᕼT 2018“ᗩᒪᒪ.ᖇIGᕼTᔕ ᖇEᔕEᖇᐯEᗪ`🙏`ċŀäiϻᔕ ḟőᖇ ïńVEńTïOń `+`ŀäBőŕ.`🙏“ᑭᒪệᗩᔕE“ᔕᕼᗩᖇE“ᖴᖇEEᒪY“🙏`
    ` `

  2. Love your energy and body language. What’s your perspective on how the Verge dev reacted to the 51% attack? Do you generally think that privacy coins are going to make it? I’ve got bags of large, medium and small privacy coins ((XMR, XZC, ONION) and hope they are going to boom in 2018.

  3. Hi Randal
    Big fan for a long time already !
    Loving your videos

    Just a question … could you make a good review about Electroneum
    They just released a Patent which could change everything ..
    Something worthy to look into ?!?!

    Thanks !

  4. Not sure if you'd be interested in covering it, but Skycoin has a brand new website and released a new less technical white paper. You can also now buy Skycoin directly from their site, no exchanges needed. It's pretty cool. They also have a big launch event in Shanghai on April 10th and testnet launching very soon. Could be a very good time to buy more Skycoin.

  5. Some say a crisis is very close, i kinda start believing it, altho i Hope may ( consensus, and stuff like that) will bring crypto hype back and then huge spike in june. And from the other site, i feel like i should sell everything, i started buying cryptos at late december 17' so my portfolio isn't as shiny as it should be, cuz my hands are strong and i held everything during the dips, plus ofc "buying the fucking dips" but now im actually afraid, not as cause i will lose my money, but cause od the potential crisis, and wgo knows- maybe even a world war 3 is coming. Last crisis was on 2008 i believe, its been 10 years now, i think its getting more and more realistic. Im also wondering, how low ( if there would be any negative affect on crypto) would Btc go. Perhaps it would start mooning then, many people would transfer their funds in in crypto cause its not safe to hołd money on the bank. Anyways, hopefully You wont take it as a fud comment, feel free to tell what You think!

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