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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: The Bitcoin price is still keeping in the channel we’ve been watching. I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin …


  1. Hi Carl (?spelling), I am wondering if it's possible to observe any bullish divergence between BTC price action and market sentiment/positive news/signs of adoption. Like you have demonstrated several times in your videos, bullish/bearish divergence between price action and the RSI is usually a good indicator. I get the impression that the price is staying steady at the $6200-$6500 level despite a lot of positive news. I'm wondering if this could lead to a bull break soon. What do you think?

    1. How long have you been doing Technical Analysis?
    2. Did someone teach you TA?
    3. Tell us the story of your worse "rekt" and what that taught you?
    4. How many guitars do you have?
    5. What kind are they?
    6. Who are your favorite musical artists?
    7. Do you work or go to school?
    8. What are you studying in school?
    9. Where on the planet are you, Carl?
    10. Do you speak any other languages?
    11. Tell us about your parents?
    12. Tell us about your weirdest friend? And, why are they weird?
    13. What other interests do you have?
    Doug in Silicon Valley

  3. Hello Karl. been watching you since Jan , glad I follow the your trend and stayed out. I would love to trade like a savage .I want to learn shorting and longing.and when to stay. lol.. Im in the USA. What exchanges is legal to join and is there a minimum balance required. Thanks.

  4. FYI: Yes, crypto space should lean towards being more and more stabilized BUT keep in mind that for example oil can move from around 10& USD to almost 150 and back to 30, then again over 100 and back below 30. Yes, that 'real' and 'stable' resource can be so volatile.

    I'm personally worried that Ethereum is not as strong as it was on every crypto fall before, massive ammounts of ETH from ICOs (77% ICOs were in ETH by report from E&Y) is a big pressure but overall im still positive. Now it's way cheaper to buy Ethereum for me than I'm mining it.

  5. What are TA reasons behind buying alts now? It seems like a bit of knife catching, why not wait for BTC to decide what to do and then load up on alts, seems like odds of a random huge spike are lower than a grind down for next 10-20 days. Great content btw.

  6. What do you think about Digitex? Zero fee futures sounds pretty amazing. I'm just curious how well the economics will work out with the token holders voting on how many tokens to print to pay the exchange for upkeep. But the lack of fees means they have no incentive to force a liquidation. The decentralized balance is awesome too. Even if the exchange gets hacked it doesn't matter because they don't hold your funds. Down with Bitmex!

  7. hi i have a question.what happens if we drop below 5.7 strong support line to 5k or even 4k bear market would continue for the rest of the year bcz of another few months of consolidation.

  8. A question from me…I just cannot see how bitcoin is sooo different from other tokens as to make it so much more valuable. It was the first and is well known, but I see them all merging into one over time…tending towards zero…as too many, little utility, and no substance. I do agree about the dangers in fiat currency but think real assets will then be in demand such as gold and paintings etc but I like your videos!

  9. Alt coins will have massive gains this year. Bitcoin will maintain dominance, but the altcoins will maintain 50 to 60 percent of the market. These markets are still in their infancy. There are trillions that will be invested. Putting your money in now might lose some value in the short term, but the gains will be worth it in the long run.

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