BTC Is Alive Again! But Don’t Get Euphoric Yet..

There’s been a lot of tension around Bitcoin lately with a massive 2018 crash down to $6000. With the market cap recently dipping below that point in February while BTC has stayed much higher…


  1. I was this close to getting my hands on a whole ETH. THIS CLOSE. smh

    I do agree though, we need to test the resistances on the lower end, and it isn't a bad thing. It's a buying opportunity – but now, it probably will rise a bit, then dip, so I'm holding on to get the best possible rates. I've got a few litecoins, and everyone deems ltc as a 'shitcoin' but, you're right, it had a high of $450 ish.

    Great video Sami!

  2. Portfolio was down 50% at the lowest point but I havent sold a thing. I got in at the peak without doing much research but I am grateful things worked out this way. Im able to experience my first crash and test the strength of my hands and Ive been able to do some research and fill my bags while the prices are low. Im optimistic for what the rest of the year has in store. Thanks for the analysis Sami

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