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New Creation | Can Blockchain make the jump from pariah to pivotal technology? Brock Pierce takes a look at an industry rapidly emerging from the corporate shadows.


  1. right about shareholders…2000 staff can lose their job just to give the CEO a pay rise and shareholders 20 p on their investment…th e customer loses out in quality/ service. crazy system

  2. Lose the silly hat and dress appropriately for god's sake.
    Gold 2.0? no freaking way. Bitcoin is US dollar 2.0 both are illusions of wealth.
    Bitcoin is not taking over the world as we know it Brock. Also, your not making the world a better place.
    Brock is no savior. Again, Bitcoin is going to zero. Nothing more than a ponzi scheme

  3. Do you look for perspective ICO in which it is possible to invest? Then the TokenGo platform for you. The platform is built on a blockchain and directed to services of tokenization of business and represents itself a site where it is possible to launch the crypto coin! Bonuses for purchase at the current stage.

  4. Steemit sucks balls…too much power put in the hands of whales and they can downvote and crush your reputation with a click of a finger..there is no team that was created when they designed this thing to rid racism, bullying and harrasment from the blogs…the ship will go down one day..don't invest

  5. Brock Pierce, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bitcoin Foundation, is a Clinton Global Initiative member who has been accused by 3 child actors of running an underage sex ring in Hollywood. Brock Pierce also founded Tether. Articles about this are shadowbanned across Reddit.

  6. Mate. looking at the outcomes, I always try to act with these in mind. 'Looking at the future with the benefit of hindsight' is a fantastic ideal. Thanks lad. Respect.

  7. Bitcoin is not gold 2.0, you cannot hardfork gold and steal it's properties. Murphy's law will eventually hit the crypto space. How many times must Ethereum be hacked?

  8. Satoshi Nakamoto deserves proper credit for the invention of the blockchain. He invented Bitcoin, from which the concept of "blockchain" was extracted. Bitcoin is not just an application of the blockchain, it was the original blockchain from which all these other projects came into existence.

  9. I’m in c(3)rypto c(3)urrency
    But some occultic words I’ve heard were -kracken, -burning man, new world, etc…..these things scare me. I feel it’s a set up for a nwo currency to implement rfid eventually into transhumanism.

  10. In summary, Brock is alluding to how the world of humans is moving into the Age of Aquarius, which is a time when (wo)man and technology pour together to create wonders straight from the imagination of each individual!

  11. Literally going to keep my checking account where it's at, but put all of my savings into Bitcoin. Already seeing huge gains. Much better than .5% interest in a bank! 🙂

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