Breakthrough: Snapshots from Afar

In the second episode of Science Friday and HHMI’s series “Breakthrough: Portraits of Women in Science,” three …


  1. you do not get to see so often women accomplishing such heights,going over the line of modernness and wearing pure Indian traditional garments.why we see western dress as a sign of modernity..

  2. Proud moment for all of Indians. Am sure the ladies are like any other typical middle class Indian housewives with familial responsibilities and in spite of that they were able to achieve something thats world class. Its highly inspiring to listen to them. I remember that many of the first world media outlets ridiculed the achievement by pointing that Indian govt should rather spend the money on other important heads like education and healt etc. However it's a money well spent when the whole project inspires thousand other citizen to innovate and work hard in their respective fields

  3. Time and again, it is shown that oppressed shall rise as a Phoenix.

    Henceforth they can be called Founding Mothers of M.O.M!

    It's time we move forward not as an individual but as a country!

  4. Hope people from around the world can see some of this, because the cacophony of uni-dimensional media fails to reach, convey & inspire the true essence of what people are trying to achieve.

    Respect & Regards

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