Breakout Trading Strategy Involving Expansion Trading

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  1. intereseting, i think i will try this one out for crypto but with 1h/4h instead of 1 Day. so far it seems like it should work pretty well.

  2. Granting there is a good catalyst, I usually execute this in 48 to 72-hour window only. Day 1 being the breakout candle. A long entry is executed. I use the day 1 candle as the base range. I manually compute day one's fibonacci extension targets TOGETHER with its pivots points. The fib extension as the selling price and the pivot points to confirm nearness of values (harmonics). I really find this to be very convenient because you have specific values or price at hand already. FIB extensions and pivots because they are forward-looking tools. Very useful since the asset class is making new highs, hence no historical data to look back to as visible basis.

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