BREAKING BREXIT THRE,AT: Barnier REJECTS May’s financial deal – EU ‘WILL control’ UK’s market access

Government sources claim British and European Union negotiators have reached a deal on all aspects on the future partnership on series and the exchange of …


  1. Can any Remainer explain how Barnyard and Junkheap are not acting like Dictators when they are constantly making comments about how THEY control everything concerning the EU

  2. What a two faced, lying, self serving undemocratic bitch she has proved herself to be, how can she be allowed to sell us out like this! Those at the top of the EU have been allowed to walk all over you Mrs May, just what are you so really scared of, I wonder?

  3. UK banks should not be allowed access to the EU market. Just throw the UK out and block the UK schedules at the WTO untill all parts of the Withdrawel agreement are met unconditionally!

  4. so the nazi eu will make a deal that the uk can not change,but the nazi eu can change the rules any time ti what they ant at the drop of a hat and the uk must comply,well may the sell out way has yet again bowed to her eu nazi masters,the only deal the uk should do,is close the eu door today walk away and tell the eu the uk are out as of now,,no cash no control from the eu at all,no acces to uk waters no control over uk farming,no control over uk laws and courts

  5. This Tereasonous coward May needs to wake up or go 17.4 million people don't care whìch but should see try to screw us the backlash would be incomprehensible and I fear people will be hurt or killed because of her treason.

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