1. Hello Ben. Glad you had a good time in S.F. I'm looking forward to personally meeting you in Las Vegas Oct 31-Nov 2 @ World Crypto Con. 👋👋👋👍👍👍 Beer for me please, wings to. 🍖🍗🙏

  2. Whats with the kid that was talking on the livesteam litecoin foundation about taxable events and regulation and taxes this and taxes that. The comments all decided the guy did not belong on stage. He was boring and boring and some think he was planted to drive litecoin prices down which effectively happened.. I don't think folks really know what decentralized means. These trader types are in it for the fiat. How does crypto solve crime? Answer me that. I'm going on everyones channel asking questions to thin air or being shadow banned.. Keep on truckin Ben.. Try to get some moringa in your diet. Chicken wings and beer ain't gonna cut it once we are on the moon. Health is wealth. Stay safe and healthy and I hope you're rig will be running on hydrogen or natural gas blends soon 😀

  3. Litecoin is the biggest pump to dump and over hyped shit coin. Just ask Charlie Lee who sold all his LTC and he doesn't believe in owning or hodling Litecoin, but Charlie Lee still owns all his Bitcoin and he didn't sell any of his BTC. Litecoin's high value is scammy!

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  5. Im just confused why you still refuse to look at vechain. You claim its because all the info is in chinese and the buyers are not western. Lets be honest we both know thats BS. There are dead sea scrolls talking about Vechain. Is it because it will kill LTC or because they havent bought you yet?

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