1. Hi CB, can you explain why, when coins mainnet launch, the coins value goes down.. i.e. EOS, TRON, ONT… thanks, keep up the great work! Mahalo🤙

  2. I want to master technical analysis. What books do you recommend to master these skills or YouTube channel or class do you recommend.
    Hey I'm in Seattle. I vote for Seattle and I will be there

  3. If market was going up you would all be Cheering for this guy!
    It is not his fault market is going down.. Be reasonable please!

    We are not in control of how the Jews wanna manipulate the market…

  4. QuarkChain did a live demo of the new testnet at the event at Beijing.

    – 256 shards
    – 6,450 nodes across 3 continents in 50 clusters
    – peak TPS over 14,000+
    – supports smart contracts
    – all txn can be verified through their explorer

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