Blockchain + Gaming: Dominating Game Developers Conference (GDC 2018)

To find out what’s happening with Blockchain the Gaming Space, I travelled to the cradle of video games – Game Developers Conference 2018 in San Francisco.


  1. Enjin (ENJ) coin is hitting on all the right notes. Solving a real "world" issue to a demographic just waiting for a solution. The use cases for Enjin is far more than most realize right now, but rest assured you will see them very soon!

  2. Great video, i tried to tell you about Banca (Banca) this is going to be huge with github code being published tomorrow , alpha platform, AI and new website launch next month, i love crypto

  3. Live to die another day…sometime, someday the first real CryptoMMO…. but if there are only dumb dorks like the guy with speech defect the hope is shrinking fast. You have to punch your head against the wall while saying this: "We reinvented the Blockchain!" I nearly died. What an idiot. Dr. Speech defect would be to dumb to invent a name for a toon in any game retro arcade or not. Full scale dumbass.

  4. 2:16 "… surprised to see the number of Blockchain platforms that are here"…

    You mean Enjin, right? Because they were it . They were the only blockchain/crypto/DLT company at the convention.

    Guys like Mike and this Cryptokitties dude showing up as attendants doesn't really count.

  5. What do you think of achain @AchainOfficial, next Neo-killer from china? 3 years of development, platform live since july WITH mutiple dapps and ico`s @vexanium @Kcashofficial already launched, development started 3 years ago, marketing in the west ramping up, not even top 100..

  6. did u ever cover Gamecredits? if not, u should imo. anyway good to see the crypto gaming world getting some attention. $GAME will be THE ingame currency for gaming, they are also the first of its kind, check their partners n credentials!

  7. Hi michael, can u pls review Spectrecoin (XSPEC)? They said to be the best privacy coin. Been around almost 2 yrs.
    Folks think it Should 10x from here. imo, i think it will go to $25 from it's current $0.66.
    Privacy coin is in like XSPEC.

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