Blockchain for Enterprise Teaser Trailer

The blockchain is transforming every single industry. The amount of talent and capital that has started moving to this space is remarkable. This is the teaser …


  1. Hey Siraj I need some help building a decentralized network for health maintenance enabled by AI and Machines learning to keep track of all the data collected. What is the best way to go about this ? Btw sick intro

  2. I hope this will not only focus on use cases that involve financial value asset transactions. There's so much more to blockchain/distributed ledger technology than creating new digital currencies

  3. until the fundamental scalability issues are fixed with real proof it's fixed, blockchain in the current form isn't going to scale for global transactions at the level that Visa handles today. I really wish people would stop with this craziness. You can't base a system on a perpetual temporal database and expect it to scale, that's just not physically possible. What need is better humans distributed around the world, not distributed currency. When are people going to realize this and stop with this madness?

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