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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Bitcoin Cash falling apart, big news from Korea, Binance makes waves in Uganda, Blockchain utopia in Nevada, Horizon …


  1. Morgan Stanley is misinterpreted in that report. What they were saying, snidely, was that BTC has gone through all these different mythical explanations for its value, with the first being decentralized, trustless money and the latest being an institutional asset class. It's point being it hasn't actually materialized as any of the above (and likely won't.) Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

  2. Watching your after a 12 hour shift with my fish and chips. Love your show Lark. Knowing you I think you meant to say 'Which bitcoin cash will be the real bitcoin (cash)?' 🙂 have a great night

  3. Serious nod approval is right! Just not sure about the whole we needing government involvement predicated on security b.s. Korea is staying ground zero right now. Asteroid's on the blockchain. 🤤

  4. BCH is such shit and only dummies buy it thinking a split fork will somehow create more value. Value is created in blockchain with size – the bigger, the better. In the short term, you may make money on this split, but in the long-run, it only means other, bigger communities will leave BCH and its fork in the dust.

  5. I'm very leery of Blockchain LLC. Sounds like Agenda 21 to me. Yikes. On the one hand, seems good for mass adoption. On the other hand, could be a slippery total control mechanism. Must watch with a deep diving critical eye.

  6. Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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  7. Wow. The blockchains trailer takes me back a few years to the times when imagination and simple tools made flying cars, super secret underground complexes, and, cool businesses; great art to fuel life and go forward.

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