Bitpay will kill Tether! Bitcoin getting boost from Fidelity Investments!

Talk about bull news Monday! Things are looking GREAT for cryptocurrency! Thanks for watching. Tip jar below. BTC …


  1. My Chiro uses an Actuator, a technique which he learned in the States. The ‘gun’ sends a pulse which resets the problem area, without having to crack anywhere. Works well.
    Great vid, thank you

  2. I appreciate you keepin it real too.

    This does sound like it will have a positive effect on crypto, you've finally got my hopes up….question is how long does something like this take to actually kick in? When does the cash start to flow? Will it be OTC only? When moon man? lol

    Good call on 0X, when it hit 75 cents I was thinking wtf..holy, bang on.

  3. I would refine that statement- “Never get your neck adjusted by a chiropractor who sucks-“ Chiropractors who suck are plentiful. Just as we do with crypto, carefully check out our potential investment, we must check out our doctors. The power of the internet is at your fingertips.
    Neck adjustments can be hugely beneficial when required. I’m living proof.

  4. I have been practicing the Bowen technique for 13 years. Before that I trained in deep tissue massage and I find the Bowen technique is excellent for correcting many different kinds of structural problems. Every day I am using the Bowen technique to align the pelvis and spine in my clients. I work on many neck problems, jaw problems, hip problems, knees, ankles, feet, arms and hands. I have discovered that it is very good for practically anything. I've even used it on dogs and cats, people who are terminally ill and very old people who are bedridden with great results. It is very gentle and extremely safe and surprisingly Powerful. You do not need to believe that it works for it to have a massive positive effect. I practice in the UK unfortunately. so it is a bit far for you to come. But perhaps you can find someone near you. Good luck with it all.

  5. hey there, bro that guy you mention (the korean) is actually a scammer and has been for years, please could you help to expose him in one of your videos? he is still stealing literally thousands of dollars from innocent people, i'm been reading in a lot of forums about people still being scammed, here you have the info about him, in the link you have a lot of videos he made before crypto

  6. Chiropractors are fine AS LONG AS. YOU DONT GET UR NECK CRACKED. Never ever get ur neck cracked. Its the most fragile part of the back and i know people who have gotten worse after chiros adjust necks. Back is ok with adjustments ie blocks and the activator gun are fine👍

  7. Brother, don’t change anything about your videos. Raw is the best way to be, IMO. I recall seeing info about Fidelity being approached by Bakkt last month, offering a partnership in the venture. Fidelity turned them down, stating they would prefer to compete. That’s badass as it gets right there. Add in TD Ameritrade, and all I can say is… holy fucking shit! 🤯

  8. I think you meant to say 10% of 7.2 trillion? … that would be $720 billion that would truly move the market! 1% is 72 billion that would give us a little nudge

  9. I swear by chiropractic! It got me walking again. I used to cry in pain. Remember to use what is referred to as “soft chiropractic”, it is very different from the “hard chiropractic”, in that, it is more focused on softer spinal manipulations in aiding the soft tissue healing. Good luck and remember to keep your breathing relaxed!

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