Bitmex WIN-WIN Strategy ! Bitmex Leverage Trading Strategy !

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  1. While giving alts list please consider METM. I am active on there telegram group & they were looking for Indian youtuber having more than 100k subs for promotion. I suggested your name so please checkout METM and include this coin in list if you feel its a good project.

  2. Sumit brother love from Pakistan i really inspired by you and always follow you for crypto currency you are such a great great and 100000000 times great person love you…. and thank you soo much for your time to give us.

  3. Nice information with good strategy, I wish I had this strategy before to prevent the loss
    Thanks for such good information for sure I will try to follow these steps this time

  4. Same strategy may be applied differently in a good way but are you serious to suggest having such a tight stop loss in BTC market? Your whole profitability of the strategy is based on the SL but this SL will do the job of portfolio erosion for sure! I understand you meaning long from the base and short from the top- thus the tight SL but crypto order book is thin enough to go past the base in a wick. Good job otherwise!

  5. Sumit Bhai I don't think this strategy has nothing to do with technical analysis. Basically u just playing with randomly ,coz 1% or 0.25% is such a small level than can be taken out of trade in market buffer..

    So basically this strategy works on risk to reward ratio which 1:4.

    that's it.

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