1. Bitmex? You think those guys don't monitor how much BTC is sitting in stop loss, and kinda wonder… Well, if the price should suddenly move 100$ against the trend, we'd clear all those guys out. Wouldn't that be great? And, suddenly, it just happens!

  2. Clover, remember that when an asset falls by 50% it needs to gain 100% to get back to even. It’s not simply if it goes down by ‘X’ it needs to go up by ‘X’ …in the case of a 20% drop, it needs to gain 25% to get back to where it was, and with each subsequent drop, the gap widens.

  3. I only trade BTC market. Use stop losses with orders to close trades opposed to leaving liquidation. You may have open trades in the money in other crosses that get closed. When you use orders to limit losses or close positions you protect your other open positions. Spectacular things happen when liquidation occurs, it worked in your favor this time where you didn't lose your shirt, next time might not be the case.

  4. The "Value" you were looking at (0.1) is what the contract value was. Your loss is whatever your margin of that value was. If you were trading at 10x (which it looks that way to me), then your loss was only .01. ETH is tough to trade on margin because the overall value is so low that small moves create big percentages and even at 10x margin the window is real small for liquidation.

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