Bitcoin’s Price Movement is Boring

Bitcoin’s Price Movement is Boring Bitcoin Price Prediction Analysis July 5th 2018 Bitcoin price prediction. Bitcoin price technical analysis Bitcoin Price Trading …


  1. The recent run up looks really corrective like it moved last month. the A wave complete of an ABC and now into a B wave. If this is an ABC then C would go to 7000-7400 depending on where the pivot into C hits (a 0.382 retrace of the recent move could get it there as a 1:1 extension of the A wave). After this it would likely move a 5 wave down to complete what I think might be a larger 5 wave sequence down. The other scenario I see is the recent high of 6800 being the start of wave 3 down though it's not an aggressive drop so far therefore unsure about this one.

  2. Great video, as always. But i was wondering. If alts are currently corrective, and this is a preview into what BTC is about to do, what does that mean? Alts corrective is a precursor to massive drop? Therefore, BTC will massively drop, too? If this is the case, are most correctives precursors to drops? Because I thought you video from the 29th also said something similar…..which caused you to predict the sharp rise? Sorry for the lengthy message. Trying to learn your strategies. Thanks kindly!

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