This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can reach 20k again and if we will be …


  1. I'm so eager to see btc bottom out at very low levels, because i want to buy it cheap of course, but i also want all the scum "traders" on twitter/youtube getting cleansed once their followers realize how much they lost because they followed a moonshitlord (marius landmand, satoshi mba for instace).

  2. Another nice and authoritatve analysis Forflies. Guys if you are not subscribed do so and make sure you hit the bell and sign up for notification of updates. Forflies does not pay me .02 Bitcoin monthly to promote his site. I have been following these markets every day for over a year so I know good stuff from the pure exploiters and folk who get paid to sell you stuff. And hit the likes while you are here also. Hallam in always sunny Barbados where I run a Blockchain and crypto currency consultancy @caritel.

  3. This looks clear case of market manipulation to liquidate traders because most traders had put the stop loss between 5600 to 5900 so it is clear moat of them are liquidated so now great chance for a sudden pull up and run upto 7400…

  4. Finally something id happening 😁 gonna wait and see how it all plays out, imo the 4400 is very possibile as the real bottom border, if it doesnt stop there i will join VIP and start trading 😀

  5. Is everybody enjoying the free fall? I am, I pull everything out back when it was $8.3k. It has gone awful since. Maybe next year will be better! Or never!!!

  6. I lived that silver chart and loaded up around $30 which was that support line… Yup, it hasn't even sniffed that price since so I sit on a huge loss for years. I fear as you that Bitcoin will never sniff $6,000 again. Once Wall Street starts playing with it, that will seal the deal. They will never let it rise again as it competes with King dollar. They will keep Bitcoin down until everyone leaves it for dead. Bitcoin is dead…

  7. All the bitcoin bulltards / moontards that had a huge descending triangle staring right at their faces, and they still thought buying at 6400 was a great idea! LMAAAAAO!

  8. The bearish scenario was a lot higher likely to happen, even though lots of people think 6k was a strong floor. The more times a support is tested, the more likely it is to break. Cheers.

  9. You sometimes comment on people making profit based on your posts. In this video a man says that he has made 6 years of fees…there is nothing about how much he put in to the position…and therefore little/nothing about the %-profit.

    I say this because i find it hard to figure out how much BTC I have to put in my position before it breaks even/makes profits.

    Hope the above is not to hard to understand.

    How much should I put in my positions to make it profittiable…where is the breakeven???

  10. You were nor wrong man…. Confluence of factors. 1) Bitcoin Cash is the ashes ….The Mistrust Triangle may engulf the whole Cryprto Economy. Most investors never understood ONE MAN could hold a whole currency to ransom. This is WORSE than State control.
    ALSO IMF will support crypto is a Bearish signal short term

  11. the news event is the Craig S Wright BCH issue and Jihan Woo from bitmain switching BTC miners to BCH ABC miners. This can cause a major drop in hashrate on BTC, longer then 10 minute blocks, expensive transactions etc. CSW also will want to kill BTC after he kills BCH ABC

  12. Day traders are so emotional, lol. We dropped 10% to 20%, which is nothing. We will rebound again in a few days. I would be surprised if XRP does not lead the market soon, as it is clear the BTC whales/bulls are weak and only demonstrate further that BTC is a useless pump dump coin with no real life use case. X-Rapid switch is coming to the main stream, just watch this space.

  13. When you throw a stone to a still lake it will skip and skip until it sinks… the less volume it gets the stiller it gets… Skipping stone theory on Bitcoin AKAs, SSTOB. This is serious. Theory by Gui. Me.

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