Bitcoin Will Pop The Financial Bubbles! – Ex-Goldman Sachs Economist Gets Woke!

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  2. Really?! Bitcoin will cause economic bubbles to pop? Is he sure it isn’t because all the republicians in the government deregulated Wall Street and overturned Doddfrank and now its the wild west again? Or maybe its the fact that the president is in bed with Deutchse Bank that has 60 Trillion dollars worth of debt based derrivates, that will send a shockwave through the financial sector across the world? Bitcoin is supplimenting the current system, because people buy things with bitcoin, infact it should offset fiat debt by a significant margin.

  3. Lmfao. If crypto was even 1% of a threat, it would be banned. Hacked. Manipulated. Campaigned against. Reported as used in ‘terror attacks’ banned by homeland security, etc.

    Blockchain will go mainstream. Crypto as money is just a joke

    The adoption of crypto as currency used in commerce is on the decline

  4. She doesn't like to draw inside the lines… When they banned Four Loko, I went and got some to see what all the hype was about… Ignore the hype, trust the chart… XLM work!

  5. For some reason it “feels” like you live in San Francisco. I have no idea where you’re broadcasting from but thanks for being a voice for all the HODLers!

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