“Bitcoin Will Be HUGELY Profitable” – John McAfee, Crypto Maverick, Explains Why BTC Will Make Money

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  1. I liked all your content until you posted this video. Mcafee is a murderer. He moved to Belize and had someone killed. If you don’t believe me look at the documentary. He is mentally unstable.

  2. Predictions like that makes me laugh. Why would you keep btc if you feel that price is about to fall and why would you sell when you feel that price is about to go up? And why would someone sane listen to other people when gambling?

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  4. Looks like people are trading SHND stronghands coin, for SPRTS Sprouts coin! Cause they got a new contract. It will be used in Groceries, and other stores in Japan it's about to moon!!!
    That's why the shnd selling… Sprouts is $100 bucks for a billion WOW!!!!!
    I'm sure they're planning to buy in back , as they get their fat returns soon!…

  5. Please know my brother that you are very good at making these videos and YOU have a bright future regardless of where the Crypto Market goes. I was approached last year by a former NJ bank owner who sold for $45 million and started us on an amazing path towards installing solar/wind crypto mining operations at farms nationwide, building safer and “FDIC” style insured shape shifting wallets, ATMs and other super exciting projects. We might have some opportunities to present to you within the next 2-3 months. Keep up the great work and know this type of media should also become Podcasts using the same content to increase your footprint without much additional work. All the best my brother, keep moving forward regardless of how challenging your quest in life shall be.

  6. Mcaffie is an eccentric, of that there is little doubt. But he is also a tech savvy individual who should not be ignored. He's correct that BTC will rise significantly. How high and when are the great unknowns.

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