1. Here is a big question to ask yourself: if 99% of all people are ignorant…and all of a sudden many people become awake…..how long does it take for them to go back to sleep??? I’ll bet anyone that the elite know these statistics…..just saying. Good things are happening….STAY THE FUCK AWAKE!!!!…..sleepy sheep 🐑 🐑🐑

  2. Communism always ends bad…every time…period. It provides ZERO incentive….that’s why it does not work. If everything is equal and everybody gets the same amount of valuation …..there is ZERO incentive for people who are lazy by nature to not contribute to society.

  3. "The Lightning Network is the key to LTC"
    That's true. Unfortunately it could be 2 more years before we see the Lightning Network running successfully (if ever). It is extremely complicated and currently it is highly unreliable. They split the $50 payment up into multiple parts and send each part in parallel to the destination then reassemble all of the parts back into the full payment. If any part fails to reach the destination, the transaction is denied. Plus they have no way of knowing the optimum path through all of the nodes to get to the destination. It is a logic nightmare. If the Lightning Network doesn't get running within a year. LTC will go sub $1. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  4. Very concerned about Banksters getting into cryptos. These are the same thieves that ripped us off during the "2008 banking crises". Too young to remember? We gave them trillions in bailouts and they got rich. Now they are getting into cryptos. This can't end well. Boycott ETFs and all things bankster. Push for peer to peer transactions.

  5. HAHAHAHAH!! U're right Ben.. I sold some Lite on the way down at $144 & bought back more today at $55.. What a Gr8 opp we got in this bloodbath.. Thanks to the whales crashing Alts!! ;-D

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