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  2. I am a huge fan of your channel, definitely good analysis, i have made money with your recommendations and I Thank you for that, I would like you to review RSTR , I found this interesting as it came from a swap from a dead project Dix , which was priced at more than 1$ and was dead . This coin came against all odds, now a community driven coin but I am not sure to buy it or not as it is at 1 Sat and their is no buying order, however the whitepaper the wallets are in place, Please suggest

  3. Look I will tell you exactly whats gonna happen. I'm an expert…it will break upwards because the real whales will kill all the so called "experts" like yourself easily…after that when fomo kicks in again and people start being all bullish again..the whales will dump it around 7300 8000 area alllll the way down below 5000.. if you think its gonna just drop from here.. you are clueless

  4. Totally disagree with your TA. 🤷🏽‍♂️ when volume comes to a trickle, like it is, a trend referral is seen. And you’re in log scale so I don’t see a down trend at all on the weekly chart. We will continue on this Logarithmic path for a long time.

  5. What if:

    The despair-period you're describing will not happen to BTC? Many would argue that it has already happened to the altcoins-market. Why do BTC have to go through the same? It's only 50 percent of the total market cap. My point is: The distribution of dominance is a very important measure for analysis-purposes ==> previously, BTC was the entire market (95-80% dominance), today it is not. Of course BTC had to be a part of the despair-phase back then since it was the market. What we've been seeing throughout this bear market is that people have fled the altcoins-market and in to BTC – making the BTC-dominance rise (which in itself indicates the strength of BTC).

    Too many analysts are solely looking at BTC to try to understand what the heck is going on – fully neglecting the other half of the market. The loss of data becomes huge. In the end, investors/traders do not care whether they profit from BTC or altcoins (in a speculative market). A reminder: The total market cap lost 80 percent of value from ATH during 2014-2015. The same number during this bear market is 78 percent.

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