BItcoin Whiteboard Tuesday – What is a Bitcoin wallet

Every few weeks we’re going to send you a cool new video, just like this one, explaining some basic concepts around Bitcoin. This way you can learn about …


  1. Danke. Aber worรผber ich mir gerade gedanken mache ist, ob jemand dann ein virus entwickeln kann, der gezielt diese .dat datei auf den harwarewallets dursucht. Mรถglich wรคre sowas doch?

  2. Say I want to invest and trade in bitcoin with other currencies. Which option is best to go for to be able to quickly buy and sell bitcoin but also be able to store a large amount? Storing them would be best offline but can you buy and sell quickly then?

  3. Your channel does a pretty good job at explaining a lot of useful things concerning Bitcoin. But can you also start doing some Videos about Altcoins, at least about the most popular ones? Also, can you please look into this new-style way of mining with HDD provided by Burstcoin? This is their website: Could you make some videos and guide us how to mine and use such coin like Burst as a whole? Thanks.

  4. Hello. I'm fixing to go live with the first stage of my Family Growth Plan and stage two is coming close I think. I'm at the point that I don't really feel comfortable going too much farther ahead because I don't know enough about the different currencies and mines and other things in the crypto currency industry to be properly grounded. I would like to find a few people that know more than me to help me figure out how to move forward. I would like to you on board. Not by giving me money and it wouldn't take up alot of your time. I just need some people I can email my ideas and plans to get intelligent and responsible feedback. Maybe chat with in skype. Get suggestions and opinions on programs the poor might be able to invest their satoshis into to help them grow….Litte stuff that can make all the difference….just advice. I'll do all the work and any money that might be needed along the way will come out of my own pocket so don't worry about me asking for donations or anything. I just need input from some people in different "fields" that know more than me so I can make sure I don't accidentally lead people into areas where they might get scammed or taken advantage of. If you're interested or want more information please email me at Thanks for your time.

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