BITCOIN!? What is happening?!! Live Market Updates

The markets are getting to that point where my stomach turns, this is usually where bitcoin and the rest usually turn around and rally, it’s not quite there in my gut yet, which is only momentary…


  1. Roger Ver does not claim to be Bitcoin Jesus, he just tolerates people that call him that because he has done a lot for Bitcoin over the years using his own time, money & passion to promote Bitcoin and teach the principles of liberty and sound economics. I'm sorry you are so mistaken.

  2. Good point. The UNITED STATES or STATE OF WYOMING only have authority over the fiction with the all upper case name. They have no authority over men or women unless you actually harm another man or woman. When they prosecute a victimless crime, the prosecution is against the upper case name.

  3. Hi Arcane Bear. First of all thx for your hard work that you put in on feeding us some good info and how to look at certain parts of investing in crypto. Im new in this area and your channel helps me in understanding useful tools and how to use them. I dont understand how do you use fibonacci extension tool in your videos coz you start by clicking on a high swing and than again on a very low from years ago. I thought that this tool should be used on more recent trends and in reverse order – first by clicking on a low swing in recent history and then a high one. When I use it this way with low on 12th Nov 2017 and then hitting high on 17th Dec I got BTC sitting in grey area on this chart. Im sure that you know what you are doing so I would appreciate if you could use a moment to comment on this here or possibly in a video?

  4. Bch not in best interest of community? Not comparing to other coins? Old tech? Wtf man, let’s be more objective. Tell me one coin with lower fees than bch? and pls read the abstract of the whitepaper if you are mentioning it. It’s supposed to be a peer to peer cash system. Not opening a tab or channel or registration to transact system. It’s not logical to me that people say this.

  5. All crypto traders and anyone who knows anthing about charts, do this IMMEADIATELY! And someone please make a video about it.
    1. go to gdax (gdax is usually where the majority of the volume of Eth trades take place during the day in the united states. So someone who is trading etherum will usually watch the chart on gdax to strategicly place orders regardless of what exchange they are trading on. Also, if someone buys or sells any coins on coinbase, the trade actually goes through gdax, in other words if you sell your btc on coinbase you actually dump your coin to somone who has a buy order set up on gdax, if you buy from coinbase, you buy your coins from someone who has a sell order set up on gdax.
    2. Go to the 1 minute chart on ETH. This also works on any chart but the 1 minute chart is easier to spot the obvious minipulation the quickest.
    3. Watch the volume without changing pages or refreshing for 3 to 5 minutes.
    4. After a few minutes, notice how the volume bars of minutes you have watched blows away all the previous volume data before it that you was not watching in real time.5. Refresh the page, and watch the super high volume you just witnessed that signified a bullish turn around, shrink down to nothing signifing a bearish downtrend continuation.
    5.Realize the charts are fake, quit shorting it, buy back the ETH,and transfer it out of the exchange to your ledger nano before the same assholes that are spoofing the data take the exchange down, blame a hacker or tax evasion and steal all your cryptos.

  6. Litecoin is everything Bitcoin isn't, and if everyone sold their Bitcoin, for Litecoin which is faster, has more coins, and has cheep fees and most importantly has a smaller market cap with lots of liquidity. Trading for Litecoin would push up entire market because whales control the Bitcoin market..

  7. OMG u just made me realize something very important by you mentioning that you wanted to be a part of the REVOLUTION by obtaining a bitcoin. It makes perfect sense in terms of astrological events! The year of 2012 were the beginning of the new Aquarian Age that should last for another 2000 years! It is so important to understand how this new energy differs from the past Piscean Age which characterized by hierarchy and power, need for believe and religion. Aquarian Age brings revolution in technological progress, network and information, end to secrets, humanism, equality, end of corruption and power! So at this point bitcoin makes total sense! It aint going nowhere for at least 2000 years lol

  8. Also note most retracements including the last two BTC bubbles we go below the .236. Almost all the ALTS did it and so did BTC in the past. That puts us in the $2500 – $3000 level as a low point.

    Save your FIAT and be ready for the ultimate bargain.

  9. FINALLY. I've posted on Tones videos three times we DID test $1300. It was only on Bittrex but we hit it with three or four, four hour candles over a two day period.

    I guess he won't look at it.

    As insa d before it felt we had to go back to $5K since we never tested it. After that each retest was further and further away from the previous ceiling a clear sign of melt up.

    Look at the previous btc bubbles and you can see we have to go back to the $3-5k level. May have a false rally then back down for more consolidation and then off to new ATH.

    Just realize we may not break $20k til after Oct We need a nice dovetail to complete this market cycle.

  10. Your Fibonacci analysis is spot on. Thank you for sharing.. You and Tone are the only ones I trust… everybody needs to chill and use this down time as education (priceless)…. Trust the revolution 🙂

  11. I really like your take on things, man. Congrats on escaping the rat race and moving to Costa Rica! It would be cool if you could make some vids every now and then out in that beautiful countryside, no matter the topic. Anyway, love your channel and keep doing your thing, Tijo.

  12. Tijo would it be possible for you to install a zip line from the tree house to one of the trees, so you could zip line down and talk about OMG , etc… while perched in a panamian jungle tree with the Cicadas?

  13. Seems to me that ever since Wall Street got into the crypto space – things have been quite a bit different. Anything Wall Street gets involved in is Manipulated. They have perfected the art of stealing the little guys money.  Always have – Always will. Thats why they wanted in this space so badly.

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