Bitcoin Weekly Outlook

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  1. Thanks for your video, I've just discovered your channel and found it really interesting your price analysis on BTC price. I think this pump was just a giant breath for the whole market, valued is very far from ATH but at least it helps good projects (my picks Bitcore, DeepOnion, NEO, Nano) to rescue some value, but I'm not very optimistic about that as you. I think bear market is here to stay for the whole year 2018, and just after 2020 we could see some new ATH. Anyway very interesting to hear your thoughts, thanks again for your video I'll keep following you 🙂

  2. What of that? Bitcoin crash? I did'n expect this spring will be so awful for cryptocurrencies. I have the last resort on tokentelegram. net This is a GRAM (TON)-token. It is full of praise. Hope for fine profit)

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