Bitcoin Weekly Outlook

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  1. Yeah, my gut told me we were at the bottom for a couple months now. Didn't change my usual routine of buying 1000 usd worth of bitcoin every payday. I've been doing this since I paid off my house, early last year. I bought all the way up to 19k and all the way down to the bounce of 5800, and I'll continue this routine until the numbers pencil out for an early retirement. I'm still working my 9 to 5 mechanic job and have a lot of surplus (compared to my income) so I've just been throwing it into bitcoin. I probably have a greater monthly surplus than most doctors or other highly trained professionals simply due to my frugal lifestyle. Monthly take home pay is 4400, spending is 1400, surplus is usually around 3000. Some people lose interest when things get boring but I thrive on it. If I can identify a plan that has a good chance of success I can spend a decade working on it.
    My long term goal is to reach the point where I can leave the rat race and check out of the system. Once bitcoins have established themselves with a floor that's under my magic number, I'll wave goodbye to my fellow mechanics, buy a nice camper for my 3/4 ton, tow package equipped, diesel pickup, and live the mobile lifestyle. I may have mentioned this before but I'm looking at the arctic fox 865. Then I'll sell my house, dump the money into vaulted gold as an emergency fund, and go see some of this country.
    And when I've escaped I'll keep my annual income below 38,600 so I pay zero income tax (according to the long term capital gains tax rules the IRS has published).

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