Bitcoin – Wait and See – Key Levels – Technical Analysis – Elliott Wave Analysis

In this Bitcoin (BTC) trading tutorial we review the past day’s trading activity and what it may mean for the future price. Technical analysis and Elliott wave theory are used. Key levels…


  1. Awesome video, thank you so much. Would you consider doing a video on how to use the Laguerre 🙏 I can't find any good information anywhere. Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Dear youtubers , im sure that someone told you about binance in 2017 and you didnt listen , im telling you about bbx now .. please dont make the same mistake twice .

    if you are reading this after the intro , im sure you are intrested to read more about .. so what is Bbx ?

    Yes it's an exchange .. you are right , Following the footsteps of Binance, BBX Exchange is planning to operate in Malta ahead of planned airdrop.

    The event is simple and straightforward: basically, BB will send 100BBX if you register an account, and you will receive another 10BBX for each friend you invited. BBX airdrop address: BBX.COM

    The BBX Exchange will focus on trading in index and provide ETF-like fund with multiple cryptocurrencies. The platform will issue its own token, Token BBX. The value of BBX token will include but not limited to the following: participation in BBX community, new currency voting rights on the BBX, new currency airdrop on BBX, the reduction and deduction of transaction commission, platform repurchase, platform investor protection funds, etc.

    BBX Exchange will soon launch the iOS version of the APP with transaction function, and then Android version. The current trading APP, being tested, will soon open the login, transaction, top up, and withdraw businesses

    Social media :


    Update 1 : The airdrop is over they reached the cak of 10K registrations .
    Update 2 : they are runing a giveway of 3000 bbx on twitter .

    PS: im not representing Bbx and not related to it its just a great post about a great project that ive spotted lately .. Good luck .

  3. Always useful. Actually, brilliant. Remember that Google/YouTube also rate a channel by the amount of comments you get – not just the likes or subscriptions. Which is why I drop a comment as a thank-you each time. Really appreciate your time, commitment and energy. Thank-you, man.

  4. Thanks for the video Brian. I know you don't believe in fundamentals driving price but I was wondering whether you have a view about whether the Consensus meet-up in New York is likely to improve sentiment with major investors and impact on the price ?

  5. Your hard efforts are greatly appreciated! I hope you'll get some time to rest over the weekend, and some quality time with the family. Making a video two times a day must be taking a lot of energy. All the best from Sweden!

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